April 13, 1966 7th Air Force Newspaper Banner
Vol. 2, NO 14        (Friday) April 13, 1966        Tan Son Nhut AB  Vietnam


SAIGON --- The Tan Son Nhut air base located about three miles from downtown Saigon underwent a Viet Cong Attack beginning at 12:30 a.m. April 13.  The attack lasted for about 20 minutes.

Air Force officials at the air base said some 75 rounds of 82mm mortar and 75mm recoilless rifle fire struck the installation - headquarters for the Seventh Air Force and U.S. Army, Vietnam, as well as the Vietnamese Air Force.

It was the first time during the Viet Nam conflict that Tan Son Nhut has been attacked.

No contact with enemy forces was reported.

Col. George Budway of Great Falls, Mont., Air Force base commander, said casualties were light.  Damage was moderate.

Part of the Viet Cong barrage landed in a fuel storage area and one tank of fuel burned.  Flames soared hundreds of feet into the night sky, joining flares dropped by Air Force flare-ships in lighting the area.

Enemy positions were attacked by armed helicopters and attack planes.  The positions were located west and southwest of Tan Son Nhut which is on the northwest edge of Saigon.

Air Force firemen fought to contain the blazing fuel stores ???????