TSNA Membership List

All names shown on this list came from the Tan Son Nhut Association Headquarters.  The webmaster will not add any names or e-mail addresses to this list unless it comes from the Association Headquarters.  This way all records will remain the same.

A Salute to Tan Son Nhut Association Life Members.  Their names appear with a gold background.

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 ADAMS, John A. Jr.
 (Wellborn, Texas)
 Son of John A. Adams, Sr.  
 AGAN, Andres Jr.
 (Sun City, Arizona)
 1876th Communications Squadron  
 AGNEW, Lewis B.
 (Huntsville, Alababa)
 USAF PAC Postal and Curier Region, Registered Mail  (January 1968 � January 1969)  
 AHRENS, Susie (Dang)
 (West Bountiful, Utah)
 377th Combat Support Group and 377th Services Squadron  (1967 - 1972)  
 ALLARD, Paul A.
 (West Palm Beach, Florida)
 460th Armament and Electronic Maintenance Squadron, Avionics Maintenance & Repair  (September 1967 - May 1969)  
 ALLEN, Thomas S.
 (San Francisco, California)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron  
 ALLISON, Joseph T.
 (Ballwin, Missouri)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron  
 (Columbia, Illinois)
 377th Supply Squadron, Scheduler and Console Operator for Base Supply  (October 1967 - Jan 1969)  
 (Gig Harbor, Washington)
 Agent Orange Widow, husband assigned to 310th TAS, Aircraft Crew Chief  (February 1972 - March 1973)  
 AMMON, Edward R.
 (The Villages, Florida)
 909 ARS 461st Bomb Wing (H) SAC  (December 1963 - February 1964 / March 1964 - June/July 1965)  
 (San Diego, California)
 1st Infantry Division, 1st Admin Co., Postal Clerk  (January 1966 - March 1967)  
 ANISKO, Robert G.
 (Dayton, Ohio)
 6220th Air Police Squadron  (January 1963 - June 1963)  
 ANNO, Margaret H.
 (Fairfax, Virginia)
 12th RITS (1st Lt.)  (November 1972 - February 1973)  
 ARENTZ, Eric G.
 (Reno, Nevada)
 Airborne Radar Technican, 552nd AEW & C; (Big Eye), 1965, 5 months
 Airborne Radar Technican, 552nd AEW & C; (College Eye), 1968, 5 months
 377th Security Police Squadron  June 1971 - April 1972
 AUGERI, James
 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
 Co. A, 69th Sig. BN, MACV  
 AVERA, Jimmy
 (Seymour, Tennessee)
 1876th Communications Squadron  (June 1971 - January 1972  
 AVILA, Nancy
 (San Jose, California)
 Vietnamese, who lived on Tan Son Nhut as a child.  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 BACON, John W.
 (Smyrna, Tennessee)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron  
 BADGER, Harley S.
 (Mentor, Ohio)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron, Air Intelligence and Photo Interpreter Tech (April 1967 - July 1970)  
 BAIRD, Patrick
 460th Field Maintenance  

 BAKER, Dale M.
 (Davenport, Iowa)
 Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Scatback T-39  (1968 - 1969)  
 (Franklin, Wisconsin)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Propeller Shop  (October 1967 - December 1969)  
 BANCK, David
 (Luverne, Minnesota)
 1876th Commmunications Squadron, Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance  (December 1967 - December 1968)  
 BARTY, Michael G.
 (Grants Pass, Oregon)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron, Augmentee to the 377th Security Police Squadron  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 (Goodlettsville, Tennessee)
 12th RITS, Precision Photographic Processing (April 1970 - January 1971)  
 BATEY, Larry E.
 (Riverview, Florida)
 377th Supply Squadron, Materials Supply Specialist (April 1971 - May 1972)  
 (Broomall, Pennsylvania)
 3rd CS Det, 58th Transportation BN (February 1967 - October 1967)  
 BEHR, David R.
 (Henrietta, New York)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Telecommunications Specalist/Crypto (August 1970 - September 1971)  
 BELL, Danny E.
 (Cedartown, Georgia)
 460th AEMS Sq, INS/FLR (August 1968 - August 1969)  
 BENDA, Frederick R. Jr.
 (Westfield, Massachusetts)
 823rd and 544th Red Horse Combat Engineers (September 1970 - September 1971)  
 BENNETT, James A.
 (Okeechobee, Florida)
 U.S. Army Mortuary  
 (Madisonville, Louisana)
 377th Combat Support Group, High Priority Parts Delivery (September 1969 to September 1970)  
 3rd Special Ops Squadron Detachment at Bien Hoa - AC-47 "Spooky" Gunship Nav (May 1968 to August 1969)  
 BEYETTE, Peter F.
 (North Collins, New York)
 6922nd Security Wing, Det 5   (June 1966 - June 1968)  
 (Shreveport, Louisiana)
 377th Combat Support Group, Group Budget Officer  (August 1969 - August 1970)  
 BIRD, Gary L.
 (Wichita, Kansas)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (January 1972 - January 1973)  
 (Orlando, Florida)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (July 1967 - July 1968)  
 BLADES, John G.
 (Whiteford, Maryland)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (January 1971 - January 1972)  
 BLADES, Larry E.
 (Baltimore, Maryland)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (November 1967 - November 1968)  
 BLOCK, Philip R.
 (East Islip, New York)
 3rd Air Police/377th CDS  
 BONTYA, George A.
 (Murrells Inlet, SC)
 377th Civil Engineer's Squadron (Sign Shop) (October 1969 - February 1971)  
 BOONE, Harold
 (Harrisburg, North Carolina)
 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing  (September 1967 - August 1968)  
 BOUNDS, Michael J.
 (Jackson, Mississippi)
 178th Replacement Company, assigned to a Military Police unit (December 1972 - April 1973)  
 BOWEN, John G.
 (Plantation, Florida)
 834th Air Division Headquarters Unit, Duties as an Illustrator (November 1967 - November 1968)  
 BOYER, Richard.
 (Deatsville, Alabama)
 7th AF Intelligence Div. Tactical AIr Control Center (TACC) (December 1970 - December 1971)  
 BREMER, David R.
 (Cannon Falls, Minnesota)
 Finance Office  (November 1964 - October 1965)  
 BROOKS, Nigel N.
 (Pearland, Texas)
 HHC Special Troops, U.S. Army (August 1966 - February 1968) then as a Civilian Investigator for AAFES (February 1968 -  August 1971)  
 BROWN, Dewey C.
 (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (December 1967 - December 1968)  
 BROWN, Randall W.
 (Green Valley, Arizona)
 OL1508 Postal and Courier (January 1967 - Feburary 1968)  
 BROWN, Rita R.
 (Green Valley, Arizona)
 Wife of Randall W. Brown  
 BROWN, Randy A.
 (Salisbury, North Carolina)
 377th Transportation Department, Crash/Fire Maintenance  (1969 - 1970)
 BUCHOLZ, Bernard
 (Wheaton, Illinois)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Comm Center Specialist, 7th AF HQ Comm Center (February 1967 - February 1968)  
 (Brandon, Florida)
 377th Supply, 7th Air Force, NORS Control (October 1972 - March 1973)  
 BURDICK, Robert W.
 (Marquette, Wisconsin)
 33rd Tactical Reconnaissance Sq.  
 BURKS, Charles E. Sr.
 (Schertz, Texas)
 33rd Air Base Squadron, 6250th Combat Support Squadron, 377th Supply Squadron (BEMO)  
 BURNEY, William H.
 (Bethlehem, Georgia)
 346th Troop Carrier Squadron (TDY from Pope AFB, NC)  (January 1962 - May 1962)  
 BURNS, John
 (Baldwinville, Massachusetts)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, 45th TAC Recon Sq., Jet Engine Mechanic RF-101  (September 1968 - September 1969)  
 BUSH, Larry W.
 (Lake Elmo, Minnesota)
 USAF PAC Postal Courier Region - Worked in Registered Mail Section  (December 1968 - December 1969)  
 BYRNES, Dennis
 (Royersford, Pennsylvania)
 69th Sig BN, USA  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 CAIN, Michael
 (Roseville, Minnesota)
 377th Security Police Squadron (November 1967 - November 1968)  
 CAISSE, Stephanie  Guest Speaker at 2019 Reunion  
 CAMP, James R.
 (Dublin, Ohio)
 1876th Communications Sq, Tatical Air Control Center  
 CAMPBELL, Thomas J.
 (West Palm Beach, Florida)
 Director of Communications, VNAF Compound  
 CAMPEN, Craig
 (West Melbourne, Florida)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron, Photo Interpreter
 (December 1971 - December 1972)

 CAMPOS, Arthur T.
 (Santa Rosa, New Mexico)
> 377th Security Police Squadron, Honor Guard, Mar 67 � Mar 68  
 CARLSON, Thomas R.
 (Humble, Texas)
 460th TRW, Hq. Sq. Aircraft Records  (December 1968 - July 1970)  
 (Battle Creek, Michigan)
 377th Combat Support Group, Field Maintenance Squadron  (January 1967 - January 1968)  
 (Bradenton, Florida)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Structural Repair, Sheet Metal Shop  (August 1968 - August 1969)  
 CARPER, Walter E.
 (Front Royal, Virginia)
 377th Security Police Squadron, K-9  
 CARTER, Steve
 (Hernando, Mississippi)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron  (March 1967 - March 1968 and November 1969 - October 1970)  

 CARTIER, Wayne S.
 (Orrington, Maine)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron  (Jet Engine Mechanic)
 (January 1970 - December 1970)

 CARVELL, Richard A.
 (Jonesboro, Arkansas)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron (Photo Lab OIC)
 (June 1970 - June 1971)
 CARY, Earl C.
 (Beaufort, Missouri)
 33rd ABRON  (1964 -1965)  
 (Tampa, Florida)
 Wife of Chaplain Bob A. Chaffee  
 (Deerfield, Illinois)
 19th SOS (1966-1968), 17th SOS (1970)  
 (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
 UTT Helicopter Company (Armed), Fire Team Leader / 2UH-B Helicopters  (November 1964 - November 1965)  
 CLARK, David
 (Dover, New Hampshire)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Sheet Metal Shop  
 CLARK, Harry B.
 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
 HHD 39th Signal Battalion, U.S. Army, Construction Draftsman  (May 1965 - February 1966)  
 CLARK, Russell Jr.
 (Fort Washington, Maryland)
 619th Tactical Control Squadron, CTC Administratie NCOIC  (January 1968 - April 1972)  
 CLINE, Keith A.
 (Springfield, Ohio)
 Defense Communications Agency, Classified Courier  (December 1966 - July 1967)  
 CLUBB, Harvey D., Jr.
 (Leesville, South Carolina)
 834th Air Division, Detachment 1, C-130 Aircraft Propeller Repairman  (May 1968 - April 1970)  
 COAR, Lance
 (Penllyn, Pennsylvania)
 460th Field Maintenance Sq.  
 COATS, Robert S.
 (Mesquite, Nevada)
 12th Tatical Reconnaissance Squadron  (November 1970 - November 1971)  
 COHAGAN-COLEMAN, Anne  (Palestine, Texas)  Daughter of Paul N. Cohagan, LT Col, USAF Ret
 481st Tactical Fighter Squadron (December 1962 - March 1963 and June 1964 - November 1965)
 COLE, Richard M.
 (Chester, Virginia)
 Det 1, 374th Tactical Airlift Wing, Medic during, "Constant Guard IV"  (May 1972 - October 1972)  
 Cook, Michael J..
 (Newark, Delware)
 377th Security Police, Air Police Duties and 7th AF Headquarters  (March 1967 - March 1968)  
 COOK, William (Bill) T.
 (Dension, Texas)
 460th TRW, Det. 1. Crew Chief, RB57 aircraft  (November 1967 - November 1968)  
 COOLEY, Brenda S.
 (Smiths Station, Alabama)
 Wife of TSNA Preident Richard Cooley  
 COOLEY, Richard A.
 (Smiths Station, Alabama)
 Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Ground Crew - RB-57E "Patricia Lynn" (January 1968 - January 1969)  
 COOPER, William A.
 (Augusta, Georgia)
 69th Signal BN, 1st Signal Brigate, US Army  (November 1965 - November 1966)  
 (Wyncote, Pennsylvania)
 Headquarters 7th Air Force  
 (North Bend, Washington)
 6250th Air Police Squadron  (October 1964 - November 1965)  
 COX, Floyd W.
 (Badger, Minnesota)
 21st TASS, USAF  
 COXON, Peter W.
 (Plano, Texas)
 377th Security Police Squadron (March 1966 - March 1967)  
 (Rochester, New York)
 21st Casualty Staging Flt and 377th USAF Dispensary, Medic (July 1968 - July 1969)  
 CRANE, Alfred C.
 (Tabb, Virginia)
 13th Recon Tech Squadron (6470th RITS)  
 CRESPIN, Robert J.
 (Long Beach, California)
 26th Tactical Recon Wing, RF-4C Crew Chief (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 CRIST, Edward L.
 (Corvallis, Oregon)
 377th Air Police Squadron  (December 1966 - December 1967)  
 CROFT, George R.
 (Branson, Missouri)
 AAFES Exchange Manager, Tan Son Nhut  (November 1966 - June 1968)
 39th Air Rescue Recovery Squadron, out of Cam Ranh Bay, HQ and Commander was at Tan Son Nhut, 7th AF  (November 1971 - November 1972)
 CRUMPTON, Charles M.
 (Minden, Louisiana)
 377th CAM Squadron, Det #1, 834 Air Division, Material Control Officer  (November 1970 - June 1972)  
 CSORDAS, Andrew E.
 (Lexington, Kentucky)
 Special COMSEC Support Detachment  (June 1970 - December 1970)  
 CSORDAS, Laurina
 (Lexington, Kentucky)
 Wife of Andrew E. Csordas  
 CURRY, Leo W.
 (Boca Raton, Florida)
 CUTLER, Morris
 (N. Las Vegas, Nevada)
 309th ACS (C-123 Flight Engineer)  (November 1964 - November 1965) (November 1970 - October 1971)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (Carrollton, Georgia)
 460th Avionics Maintenance Squadron  (Jul 1970 - Jul 1971)  
 DAMPMAN, Charles R.
 (East Greenville, Pennsylvania)
 834th Air Detachment Division  (April 1971 - August 1971)  
 DAVIS, Lyle K.
 (Inverness, Florida)
 377th Air Police Squadron  (March 1966 - December 1975)  
 DAVIS, Stanley D.
 (Eleanor, West Virginia)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Communications Specialist  (July 1967 - July 1968)  
 DAWE, James H.
 (Warrenville, Illinois)
 HQ, 7th Air Force, NCOIC, Requirements Division  (January 1972 - November 1972)  
(Cleveland, Tennessee)
 460th Armament and Electronic Maintenance Squadron  (March 1969 - February 1970)  
 DAY, Bruce G.
 (Portland, Maine)
 US Navy, Tracking soviet subs  (T.A.D. November 1972)  
 DAY, Max W.
 (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)
 AF Regional Civil Enineer Office (7th AF)  
 (Peru, Indiana)
 7th AF Intelligence  (1970 - 1971 and 1972 - 1973)  
 (Edmond, Oklahoma) 
 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Udorn AB, Thailand  (October 1971 - September 1972)  
 (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 (Dagsboro, Delaware)
 12th RITS, Imagery Interpertation Specialist  (July 1971 - October 1972)  
 (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
 Headquarters, 7th Air Force, Message Distribution Center  (January 1969 - December 1969)  
 DIETZ, Edward
 (Blackwood, New Jersey)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron - Electric Shop/Repair  (December 1967 - December 1968)  
 DOE, Oliver P.
 (York, Maine)
 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq.  
 DONNELLY, Lawrence
 (Saddle Brook, New Jersey)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron  (November 1968 - December 1969)  
 DONNELLY, William E.
 (Somerville, New Jersey)
 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (A&E)  (September 1966 - September 1967)  
 DOOLITTLE, William O.
 (Edgefield, South Carolina)
 6994th Security Squadron  
 DOSTER, William G.
 (South Windsor, Connecticut)
 377th Security Police Squadron (October 1965 - November 1966)  
 (Huntsville, Alabama)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron  (Air Intelligence Officer)
 (October 1972 - March 1973)
 DUGAN, James F.
 (Lindenwold, New Jersey)
 90th Replacement Battalion, Camp Alpha  (June 1969  -June 1970)  
 DUKE, Walter Jr.
 (Owensboro, Kentucky)
 3rd Radio Research Unit, 224th Aviation BN. RR., Army Aviator and Aircraft Maintenance Officer  (June 1965 - June 1966)  
 DUNCAN, Angela
 (Winchester, Virginia)
 Daughter of Robbie Robertson  
 DUNN, James L.
 (May, Texas)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron (Crash Recovery)  (January 1966 - Febuary 1967)  
 DUTY, Leslie J., III
 (Randallstown, Maryland)
 1964th Communications Group, 1876th Commmunications Group (PAFCO) ROLAY AFCS, Communications Center Specialist  (September 1967 - September 1968)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 377th Combat Support Group  
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 Wife of Tom Earnest  
 (Santa Cruz, California)
 7th Air Force Intelligence  (1968 - 1969)  
 EDELMAN, Steven
 (Solana Beach, California)
 Doctor at the Veteran's Administration  
 (Modesto, California)
 8th Aerial Support Squadron, Air Cargo Specialist  (July 1968 - July 1969)  
 (Bakersfield, California)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron, Fuel System Maintenance  (April 1968 - April 1969)  
 ELLIOTT, Keith H.
 (Charles Town, West Virginia)
 45th MI Company, 525 MI Group, Combined Intelligence Center Vietnam - Imagery Interpreter, out-country section (North Vietnam)  (October 1970 - September 1971)  
 (Austin, Texas)
 377th Supply Squadron, Registered Equipment Management Section  (November 1966 - November 1967)  
 ERWIN, Terrell R.
 (Abbeville, South Carolina)
 619th & 620th TCMS, Communication Maintenance  (July 1971 - April 1972)  
 Everly Jr., Harry Lee.
 (Macon, Georgia)
 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron / RF-4C Crew Chief  (December 1970 - August 1971)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 FACEY, David G.
 (Lakeland, FL)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Jet Engine Mechanic (January 1967 - May 1968)  
 FAIRBANK, Ronald D.
 (Liverpool, New York)
 33rd CAMRON, 2nd Air Division  
 FARRIS Jr., Thomas W.
 (Herando, Mississippi)
 377th Combat Support Group, Supply Squadron and 377th Security Forces (Augmentee)  
 (Port Lavaca, Texas)
 OL1508 USAF Pacific Postal and Courier Region, NCOIC, Inbound Mail (In Country)  (March 1967 - March 1968)  
 FIANDER, Roger M.
 (Wapato, Washington)
 11th Air Postal Squadron  (July 1963 - August 1964)  
 FICK, Robert C.
 (Malabar, Florida)
 377th Supply Squadron, Liquid Oxygen Plant Operator  (August 1967 - August 1968)  
 FIELDS, Gary R.
 (Columbia, Missouri)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron  (February 1969 - February 1970)  
 FIKE, Robert P.
 (Hudson, Florida)
 377th Air Police Squadron  
 FITCH, John
 (Fairview, West Virginia)
 Associate Professor  
 FITTS, Julia  AWP Guest at 2019 Reunion  
 (Deerfield Beach, Florida)
 8th Aerial Port  
 (Garden City Beach, SC)
 6250th Combat Support Group, 377th Supply Squadron  (October 1965 - October 1966)  
 FLORES, Gilberto
 (Anaheim, California)
 315th Air Commando Group  (June 1964 - August 1965)  
 FLOYD, Willie V.
 (Hampton, Virginia)
 377th Combat Support Group (Pneudraulics)  (May 1970 - January 1971)  
 FOX, Ralph
 (Old Forge, Pennsylvania)
 616 MAC, Jet Engine Mechanic  (August 1967 - May 1968)  
 FRANKS Jr., William Derrel
 (Ringgold, Louisiana)
 377th Supply Squadron  (August 1967 - August 1968)  
 FRANZ, Darren
 (Baldwin, New York)
 4th Bn, 9th Infantry Regiment (Alaska)
 Nephew of Louis H. Fischer, KIA 0-51 Bunker
 FRAZIER, William A.
 (Parker, Colorado)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron, Arresting Barriers/Generator Shop  (October 1967 - October 1968)  
 Fremstad, Paul L.
 (Navarre, FL)
 13 RTS & 12 RITS  (June 1966 - June 1967) (March 1969 - November 1970)  
 FRITTS, Larry S.
 (Bellbrook, Ohio)
 7th AF Flight Ops, Scatback C-118, Flt Engineer
 (1966 - 1967 and 1970 - 1972)
 FRY, Larry E.
 (Manheim, Pennsylvania)
 Detachment 8, 2nd ADVON  (Dec 1961 - March 1962)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 GALANTI, Paul  Speaker at 2015 Reunion  
 GALES, Robert R.
 (Clifton. Virginia)
 377th Combat Support Group, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate  (March 1968 - March 1969)  
 GALLUP, John.
 (La Jolla, California)
 12th RITS, Photo-radar Intelligence Officer  (August 1972 - February 1973)  
 GARCIA, Arthur
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (1967 - 1968)  
 GARCIA, Robert "Bobbie"
 (Deer Park, Texas)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Teletype Operator  (December 1968 - July 1969)  
 GARD, Deborah
 (Bourbonnais, Illinois)
 Wife of Dean Gard  
 GARDNER, Ronald G.
 (Tiverton, Rhode Island)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Weather Relay Communications Center  (July 1968 - July 1969)  
 GATES, Larry W.
 (Colorado Springs, CO)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Ramp Area and Customs Section  (May 1966 - April 1967)  
 GAUVIN, Raynold A.
 (Mapleton, Maine)
 WDMET  (April 1968 - May 1969)  
 GEISLER, Edmond H.
 (Oakhurst, California)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Engine Shop  (September 1966 - August 1967)  
 GHIZZONE, Joseph V.
 (Broomfield, CO)
 6250th Combat Support Group, 377th Civil Engineers  (January 1966 - February 1967)  
 GILL Jr., Carl L.
 (Miamisburg, Ohio)
 377th Supply Squadron, War Readiness QRT Section  (Juy 1970 - August 1971)  
 GODDEN, Duane E.
 (Sevierville, Tennessee)
 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 GORDY, Mack L. Jr.
 (Greensboro, North Carolina)
 Tri-Service Air Transport Coordinating Office  (December 1964 - December 1965)  
 GRAF, Anthony W.
 (San Angelo, Texas)
 33rd Tactical Support, 6250th Combat Support Group, Finance clerk (Travel Section)  (September 1964 - September 1965)  
 GRANT, Gabriela
 (Kathleen, Georgia)
 Daughter of Life Member, Benny Goodman  
 GRANT, David C.
 (Warner Robins, Georgia)
 460th Avionics INS/FLR/SLR Shop  (December 1967 - September 1969)  
 (Charlottesville, Virginia)
 US Army JAG School  
 GRAY, Charles
 (Kingsport, Tennessee)
 377th Security Police Squadron (March 1967 - March 1968)  
 GRAY, Joan I.
 (Wichita Falls, Texas)
 21st Casualty Staging Unit  (December 1969 to December 1970)  
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Airframe Repairman (September 1966 - September 1967)  
 GREETHEAD, Phillip E.
 (Crestmead QLD, AUS)
 Australian Army  
 GRIFFIN, Billy L.
 (Jacksonville, Florida)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Aircrafft Pneudraulic Repair  (September 1966 - August 1967)  
 US Marine   
 GRIMAUD, Lowell A.
 (Carlsbad, California)
 Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Flightline Maintenance Officer  (1967 - 1968)  
 Gruters, Captain Guy
 (Sidney, Ohio)
 173rd Airborne Brigade, POW - Honorary Life Member  
 GWYNN, Paul G., Jr.
 (Burkburnett, Texas)
 6250th Combat Support Squadron, HQ 7th Air Force  (August 1967 - July 1968)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 HAAS, Harvey J.
 (New Braunfels, Texas)
 377th CES, Chief of Engineering and Construction  (Apr 1969 - Apr 1970)  
 (Boonville, New York)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Air Traffic Control (January 1967 - January 1968)  
 HANLON, Lester L.
 (Kure Beach, North Carolina)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, Air Freight Specialist  (September 1966 - May 1967)  
 HARDING, James C.
 (Huntingdon, Tennessee)
 Commander, 1st Special Operations Squadron  
 (Sugar Land, Texas)
460th Tac Recon Wing, RF-4C Crew Chief/Flightline Mechanic  (September 1966 - September 1967)  
 HARTLEY, Richard
 (Toledo, Ohio)
 Pilot, OV-10's  
 HAYES, James R., Jr.,
 (Fort Branch, Indiana)
 3rd Wing Division, Infantry
 (October 1968 - December 1969)
 HEGELE, Robert
 (Hatboro, Pennsylvania)
 377th Security Police Squadron  

 HENNEY, James A.
 (Monroeville, Ohio)
 PAFCO TTY Relay Station, Comm Center Operator (May 1969 - May 1970)  

 (Port Townsend, Washington)
 377th Air Police Squadron (May 1966 - May 1967)  

 HERRERA, Jesus S.
 (Houston, Texas)
 377th Civil Engineers Squadron (Mar 1967 - Mar 1968)  

 HICKMAN, Geoffrey R.
 (Sparks, Nevada)
 360th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq.  
 (Chester, Vermont)
 1876th Communications Sq., Tech Control  
 HILL, Heyward W.
 (Darlington, South Carolina)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, Line Loading  
 HILL, Ronald E.
 (Buford, Georgia)
 Tri-Service Air Transportation Coordinating Office  (March 1971 - February 1972)  
 HINTON, Kevin J.
 (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
 ASA and Special Operations  (1974 - 1976)  
 HOPPE, Richard D.
 (Platte, South Dakota)
 12th T.R.S. - Aircraft Maintenance Crew Chief - RF-4C  (September 1968 - September 1969)  
 HOPPER, John D.
 (Washington, D.C.)
 Det 1, 374th Tactical Airlift Wing, CCK, C-130E Pilot,  
 HOUCK, Ross B.
 (Gap, Pennsylvania)
 1876th Communications Squadron  (1967 - 1968)  
 HOWARD, Shelia
 (West Virginia)
 In Touch, with the Tan Son Nhut Association  
 HUNT, Harold S.
 (Ashburn, Virginia)
 Civilian Contractor - Marine Veteran (October 1966 - February 1974)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 IMPEY, Chuck
 (Cameron Park, California)
 377th Supply Company, POL  (October 1965 - November 1966)  
 INGRAM, Joseph E.
 (Augusta, Georgia)
 Headquarters, 2nd Air Division, Air Operations Center, Clerk Typist  (January 1964 - January 1965)  
 INOJOS, William J.
 (Leavenworth, Kansas)
 377th Transportation Squadron, Special purpose vehicle repairman  (February 1969 - February 1970)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION               E-MAIL ADDRESS
 JANSKY, Russell
 (Sammamish, Washington)
 377th Combat Support Group, Aerial Fuel Bladder Delivery  
 JACKSON, Chauncey D.
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 7th Air Force (DOY) / Managed South East Asia Database (SEADAB) (August 1971 - August 1972    
 JEFFERS, Lionel M.
 (Chicago, Illinois)
 6470th & 460th Reconnaissance Technical Squadrons  (July 1967 - July 1968)  

 (New Albany, Ohio)

 (Mayflower, Arkansas)
 HHC Special Troops U.S. Army, Personnel Management Specialist  (September 1966 - Jan 1969)  
 JENKINS, Jerry D.
 (Mill Valley, California)
 1st Civil Engineering Group (Heavy Repair) Red Horse    
 JERNIGAN, Johnnie H.
 (Beavercreek, Ohio)
 460th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron (Navigation Shop)  (February 1967 -  February 1968)  
 (Beavercreek, Ohio)
 Wife of Tan Son Nhut Veteran, Johnnie Jernigan  
 JOHNSON, Charles V.
 (Newberg, Oregon)
 377th Ammo Supply (AC-119 Shadow Gunships)  (October 1969 - October 1970)  
 JOHNSON, Gerald E.
 (Spencer, Iowa)
 CAM Tran. Maint. Turn Transit Aircraft  (August 1971 - August 1972)  
 JOHNSTON, Owen P. Jr.
 (Winchester, Virginia)
 7th RRU/Army Security Agency  (May 1965 - May 1966)  
 JONES, Scott
 (Kingsport, Tennessee)
 Nephew of Tan Son Nhut Veteran, Charles Penley  
 JONES, Stephen W.
 (Roseville, California)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron  (July 1971 - January 1973)  
 JORDAN, Joseph J.
 (Elbert, Colorado)
 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare  
 JOYNER, Nancy D.
 (Annandale, Virginia)
 U.S.O. Tan Son Nhut  
 JUAREZ, Roberto
 (Alice, Texas)
 619th Tactical Control Squadron, 505th Control Group  (August 1966 - August 1967)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 Kaminski, Robert S.
 (Beavercreek, Ohio)
 7th AF, 13th Recon Tech Squadron, Supervising Officer Imagery Analysis (December 1965 - January 1966)  
 KARMES, David L.
 (Delton, Michigan)
 405th Fighter Wing, Det. 1 33rd CAMRON (June 1964 - May 1965)  
 (Salado, Texas)
 377th Civil Engineer Squadron (February 1969 - August 1969)  
 KIEPKE, Larry
 (Bellevue, NE)
 33rd Tac Gp/6250th Cmbt Spt, 377th Cmbt Spt Gp  (1965 -  1966)  
 KINNAIRD, George C.
 (Hubert, NC)
 7th AF HQ, Photo Interpertor  
 KINSEY, Jerry C.
 (Athens, Tennessee)
 377th Supply Squadron, Fuel Distribution Operator
 (September 1968 - September 1969)
 KNOWLTON, William B.
 (Liverpool, New York)
 7th Air Force Public Affairs Officer  (January 1966 - December 1966)  
 (Longmeadow, Massachusetts)
 Oceanographic Air Survey Unit, US Navy  (December 1965 - July 1966)  
 KOOPMAN, David E.
 (Maplewood, Minnesota)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron  (September 1967 -  September 1968)  
 KRAEMER, John Richard
 (Eagan, Minnesota)
 460th Avionics Maintenance Squadron  (August 1968 - August 1969)  
 KRAUSE, Ralph E.
 (Valley Springs, California)
 Headquarters, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Time Change Monitor  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 KRIER, Keith W.
 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Aircraft Battery Shop  (December 1968 - May 1969)  
 (West Bend, Wisconsin)
 12th RITS, Photo Recon (Lab) (July 1967 - July 1968)  
 KUTAN, Michael
 (Las Vegas, Nevada)
 Son of Life Member Edward Kutan  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 LAMPE, John J.
 (Cahokia, Illinosis)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (November 1966 - November 1967)  
 LANE, James M.
 (Leland, North Carolina)
 314th TCW  (September 1965 - December 1965)  
 LARSON, Donald R.
 (Buffalo, Minnesota)
 10th Finance, Travel Pay and Building Security  (September 1966 - September 1967)  
 LAW, Bobby W.
 (Roanoke, Virginia)
 460th AMS (ECM Shop)  (1967 - 1968)  
 (Universal City, Texas)
 377th CAMS, Scatback T-39, Crew Chief  (September 1971 - September 1972)  
 LAZARAVICH, Joseph J., Jr.
 (Waldorf, Maryland)
 377th USAF Dispensary  (August 1969 - August 1970  
 LEE, Timothy A.
 (Waynesville, Ohio)
 HQ, 7th Air Force, Clerk for 7th AF Intelligence  (April 1969 - April 1970)  
 (Waterloo, Illinois)
 7th Air Force SAC SARPF  (April 1966 - September 1966)  
 LESLIE, Kenneth W.
 (North Little Rock, Arkansaa)
 Engine Mechanic (October 1970 - October 1971)  
 LEWIS, Arnold C.
 (Franklin Park, New Jersey)
 377th Combat Support Group/CBPO In/Out Processing (December 1966 - December 1967)  
 LILLY, Arnold R.
 (Halifax, Virginia)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (March 1972 - March 1973)  
 LINDBECK, Richard W.
 (West Bend, Wisconsin)
 377th Security Police Squadron  
 LINDSAY, Daniel M.
 (Davis, California)
 Det 1, 45th Tactical Reconnaissance SQ.  
 LINNEMAN, Robert B.
 (Waldorf, Maryland)
 8th Aerial Port (Traffic Analysis)  (June 1967 - June 1968)  
 LONGPRE, Terence
 (Ellenton, Florida)
 377th Supply Squadron (SEA Mobile EOD)  (January 1968 - January 1969)  
 LOVE, Terry M.
 (Shawnee, Kansas)
 1st Signal Brigade (USA), Aviation Section  
 LOWE, Billy T.
 (Cherryville, North Carolina)
 1876th Communications Squadron  
 LOWE, Gregory M.
 (Luray, Virginia)
 12th RITS, Imagery Exploitation and Intelligence  (August 1972 - January 1973)  
 LYNCH, Terrance R.
 (Maple Heights, Ohio)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Base Security - Heavy Weapons Section  (January 1969 - August 1970)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
             NAME              ORGANIZATION   E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (Clarinda, Iowa)
 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare  
 (Sandwich, Illinois)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (October 1970 - October 1971)  
 (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
 377th Security Police Squadron  
 (Fairport, New York)
 377th Security Police Squadron  
 MARMON, Thomas B., Sr.
 (Galloway, Ohio)
 377th Field Maintenance Squadron, Aircraft Corrosion Control  (November 1970 - November 1971)  
 (Alexandria, VA)
 377th Combat Support Group and Air Base Wing Hq. Sq. Computer Operator � Data Automation  (February 1970 - March 1972)  
 MARTIN, Floyd M.
 (Everett, Washington)
 6250th Combat Support Group, 377th Supply Squadron  
 MARTIN, Joel K.
 (Richmond, Texas)
 Det 19, 9th Air Postal Squadron (OL 1508, Det 1500) USAF Pac Postal Courier Service  (February 1966 - February 1967)  
 MARTIN, Johnny A.
 (Spencer, North Carolina)
 377th Security Police Squadron  
 MARTZ, Michael
 (Berne, Indiana)
 25th Infantry, Radio Operator  (October 1967 - June 1968)  
 McAnelly, Michael D.
 (Dallas, Texas)
 HQ 7th AF, Targets Intelligence for Steel Tiger and Barrel Roll (September 1971 - October 1972)  
 McCLURG, Philip G.
 (Tucson, Arizona)
 377th Combat Support Group (CBPO), Personnel Specialist - Airman's; (July 1967 - July 1968)  
 McCOY, Peter F.
 (Methuen, Massachusetts)
 ASA / 3rd RRU  
 McGOVERN, John "Sean"
 (New Providence, New Jersey)
 483rd Supply Squadron, Cam Ranh Bay  (October 1971 - April 1972)
 377th Supply Squadron  (April 1972 - October 1972)
 McKEGNEY, Daniel F.
 (Livermore, California)
 1876th Communications Squadron  (August 1967 - August 1968)  
 McKENZIE, Carl H.
 (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
 19th Air Command Squadron  
 McLAREN, Michael P.
 (Pasadena, Maryland)
 1st Sig Bn, USA  
 McNeill, Ernest L.
 (Marianna, Florida)
 377th Services Squadron, Cook/Store Room Manager  (December 1968 - December 1969)  
 MEIGS, William R. "Randy"
(Carrollton, Georgia )
 6250th Combat Support Group, Ground Power  (May 1966 - May 1967)  
 MERZ, Richard S.
 (Centerville, Ohio)
 U. S. Army, 3rd Radio Research Unit, 509th RR Group  (June 1964 - June 1965)  
 MESSER, Lowell
 (Ohatchee, Alabama)
 6250th Combat Support Group  
 METZLER, Thomas E.
 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
 377th Supply Squadron, Inventory Management (June 1970 - May 1971)  
 MILLER, George G.
 (Wheaton, Illinois)
 377th Combat Support Group  (Oct 1968 - Sep 1969)  
 MIRANDA, Michael R. Jr.
 (Hudson, New Hampshire)
 Det 1, 45th Tactical Reson Squadron, Crew Chief RF-101C  (May 1967 - May 1968)  
 MITCHELL, Michael R.
 (Irvine, California)
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron  (April 1967 - November 1968)  
 MODGLING, Arthur M.
 (Kerrville, Texas)
 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Scatback, Crew Chief, PE Inspection Supervisor  (December 1970 - December 1971)  
 MOFFITT, William R.
 (Evansville, Indiana)
 504th Tactical Air Support Group, Bien Hoa  (September 1966 - September 1967)
 Det. 1, 834th Air Division, Tan Son Nhut, Admin Specialist  (February 1968 - August 1969)
 (Melbourne, Florida)
 58th and 110th Transportation Co., MACV, US Army (July 1967 - July 1968)(Also part of Task Force-35 during TET 1968)  
 MONTAG, Joseph L.
 (Carrollton, Texas)
 8th Aerial Port Sq.  (October 1967 - October 1968)  
 (Payson, Arizona)
 Det 19, 9th Air Postal Squadron, Postal and Courier  (March 1966 - February 1967)  
 MOSHER, Craig H.
 (Nahant, Massachusetts)
 377th Supply  (August 1967 - October 1969)  
 MOYER, Philip M.
 (Modesto, California)
 7th Air Force Headquarters (Awards & Decorations)  (December 1966 - Dec 1967)  
 MUNOZ, Gary
 (Summerville, South Carolina)
 7th Air Force / 13th Air Force, Scatback, SEFE Pilot - T-39 Aircraft Group  (May 1972 - May 1973)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 NASH, Randall L.
 (Everett, WA)
 377th CAMS, C-130 Flight Line Eng. Mech.   (September 1971 -November 1971)  
 NEWBERRY, Robert D.
 (Canton, Michigan)
 178th Replacement Co., 90th Replacement BN  (June August 1969 - June 1970)  
 NGUYEN, Kiet Van
 (Kent, Washington)
 PO2-RVN Navy SEAL (LDNN) and Sea Commandos  (1963 � 30 April 1975)  
 NIEVES, Louis A.
 (Staten Island, New York)
 377th Supply Squadron (Clothing Issue)  (September 1970 - September 1971)  
 NISI, Terrence A.
 (Manchester, New Hampshire)
 377th Combat Security Police Squadron  (December 1966 - December 1967)  
 NIVENS, Kerry K.
 (Huntsville, Alabama)
 377th Support Group, POL  (December 1966 - December 1967)  
 NIVENS, Margaret W.
 (Huntsville, Alabama)
 Wife of TSNA Director Kerry Nivens  
 NORRIS, Thomas R.
 USN SEAL-MACSOG-80, Medal Of Honor Recipient  (1970 - October 1972)  
 NUNN, Les
 (Pauls Valley, Oklahoma)
 377th Combat Support Group, Combat JAG Officer  (August 1969 - August 1970)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 ODELL, Edward C.
 (Magnolia, Delaware)
 377th Supply Squadron  (May 1968 - May 1969)  
 ORAVEC, Lawrence
 (Lakewood, Ohio)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Telephone Switching Equipment Maintenance  (March 1970 - March 1971)  
 O'SULLIVAN, Edward J.
 (Tucson, Arizona)
 U.S. Army Mortuary, In Processing of Remains  (April 1969 - October 1970)  
 OSZMAN, Michael J.
 (Benbrook, Texas)
 U. S. Army  (6 months 1964, 1966-1967, 1968-1969)  
 OTTENSMAN, Richard E.
 (Perrysburg, Ohio)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Echo Sector, "C" Flight  (November 1966 - November 1967)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 PARKER, Sue Ellen  Widow of TSNA Co-Founder Don E. Parker, See Tretter, Sue Ellen  
 PASSI, Henry R.
 (North East, Maryland)
 7th Air Force Flt Ops, Scatback, T-39 Instructor   (1969 - 1970)  
 PATTON, Linda T. B.
 (Accident, Maryland)
 Wife of Lynn Patton  
 (Accident, Maryland)
 377th Security Police Sqadron  (1971 - 1972)  
 (Syracuse, Utah)
 460th Field Maintenance Sq., Jet and Reciprocatin Engines  (October 1967 - October 1968)  
 PEELE, Michelle
 (Riverdale, Maryland)
 Wife of John Peele, 460th Field Maintenance Sq.  (November 1969 - November 1970)  
 PEELE, John
 (Riverdale, Maryland)
 460th Field Maintenance Sq.  (November 1969 - November 1970)  
 PELTO, Michael R.
 Armada, (Michigan)
 460th RITS  (December 1966 - December 1967)  
 PENLEY, Charles E.
 (Kingsport, Tennessee)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Sentry Dog Handler  (October 1967 -  July 1969)  
 PENN, Hugh D., Jr.
 (Sandy Springs, Georgia)
 633rd Combat Support Group, CBPO  (February 1969 - January 1970)  
 (Galesburg, Ilinois)
 79th Ordance Detachment, Security Platoon  (March 1967 - March 1968)  
 PHIPPS, Eddie D.
 (Fairborn, Ohio)
 3rd Marine Division  (February 1968 - August 1969)  
 PINEAU, Richard J.
 (Mesa, Arizona)
 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron  
 PIRRI, Norbert
 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
 377th CES, Production Control Section  
 PLEMMONS, Timothy
 (Marion, North Carolina)
 377th Security Police Squadron  
 PLUNKETT, George R.
 (West Columbia, South Carolina)
 1st Mobile Communications Group  (October 1966 - April 1967)  (TDY:  July 1962 - July 1963)  
 PLUNKETT, Patricia (Trish)
 (West Columbia, South Carolina)
 Wife of George Plunkett  
 POMPEO, Robert Jr.
 (Mission Viejo, California)
 460th Field Maintenance Squadron, Parachute Rigger  (November 1967 - June 1969)  
 POOLE, Tommy C.
 (Dublin, Virginia)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (January 1966 - December 1966)  
 POULIN, Louis F.
 (Inverness, Florida)
 US Army, 34th General Support Group (AM&S), HQ Company, Personnel Staff NCO  (April 1966 - May 1967)  
 (Hampton, Virginia)
 HQ, 7th Air Force  
 PRICE, John Jeff
 (Newberry, South Carolina)
 377th Security Police Squadron  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 RAITERI, Robert W.
 (Memphis, TN)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (December 1967 -  December 1968)  
 RAMEY, William D.
 (Middletown, Ohio)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (January 1969 -  January 1970)  
 (Rochester, New York)
 US Army Mortuary, Graves Registration ID Specialist  (May 1968 - July 1970)  

 REITER, Donald L.
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 377th Finance  (June 1966 - June 1967)  
 (Huntsville, AL)
 Speaker at 2016 Reunion  
 REMINGTON, Randall J.
 (Ocean, New Jersey)
 460th Tactical Reconnaisance Wing; (February 1968 - February 1969)  
 (Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, Air Freight Specialist (Mar 1968 - Mar 1969)  
 REWALT, Richard.
 (Iron River, Wisconsin)
 12th RITS  (July 1972 - February 1973)  
 (Guilford, Connecticut)
 377th Supply Squadron (May 1967 - May 1968)  
 (Muskegon, Michigan)
 600th Photo Squadron  (August 1968 - August 1969)  
 RICE, Irving E.
 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron  
 (Elkridge, Maryland)
 460 AMS ECM Shop – ECM Support on RF-4C, RF-101C, RB-57C  (December 1969 - December 1970)  
 (Delanson, New York)
 554th Red Horse, Civil Engineer Squadron, Detachment Unit, Heavy Equipment Operator  (November 1971 - November 1972)  
 RIVENBARK, Michael J.
 (Bolivia, North Carolina)
 7th AFCP Communications Center  
 RIVERS, Benjamin S. (Steve)
 (Waldorf, Maryland)
 377th Air Police/377th Security Police  
 ROBERTS, Richard E.
  (Port Charlotte, Florida)
 377th Security Police, Base Security Echo Sector  (July 1966 - July 1967)  
 (Winchester, Virginia)
 1964th Communications Squadron  
 (Nebo, North Carolina)
 377th CSG Munitions Maintenance (Supply - Storage)   (May 1967 - May 1968)  
 ROLLINS, Thomas E.
 (Dalton, Georgia)
 HQ 1964th Communications Group, Flight Line Communications  (January 1963 - December 1963)  

 ROMMEL Jr., Richard F.
 (West Melbourne, Florida)
 460 Field Maintenance Squadron, Aircraft Fuel System  (April 1969 - April 1970)  
 ROSE, David F.
 (East Wenatchee, Washington)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (September 1970 - September 1971)  
 (Sumter, South Carolina)
 7th Air Force Plans, Administrative NCOIC  (January 1968 - December 1968)  
 ROSS, David L.
 (Brewster, Massachusetts)
 6470th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron / 12th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron - Intelligence Operations Specialist  (June 1967 - June 1968)  
 ROSS, Richard J.
 (Edgewater, Florida)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Base Police, Entry Controler, Area #2  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 RUNG, Thomas
 (Fenton, Missouri)
 377th Services, Food Service (June 1971 - August 1971)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 SADEN, Harold E.
 (Daphne, Alabama)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Comm Ops Officer  (March 1969 - March 1970)  
 (Roanoke, Virginia)
 Wife of Wayne Salisbury, 7th Air Force (DM)  
 SAMUEL, Wolfgang
 TSNA Guest Speaker, 2014  
 SASSER, Herbert E.
 (Collins, Mississippi)
 377th Security Police  (August 1967 - June 1968)  
 SAWYERS, Melvin D.
 (Ocala, Florida)
 377th Security Police  (September 1970 - June 1971)  
 SAWYERS, Thomas R.
 (Bronx, New York)
 16th Tactical Reconnassance Squadron  
 (Cass Lake, Minnesota)
 7th AF Tactical Air Control Center  

 (Carpentersville, Illinois)
 377th USAF Dispensary, 21st Casualty Staging Unit  
 SCHOENER, Herman G.
 (Belleville, Illinois)
 1876th Communications Squadron, 7th Air Force Communication Center Operator  (April 1971 - April 1972)  
 SCHULTE, Eugene V.
 (Snellville, Georgia)
 Radio Cable Co. Signal Support Agency Saigon. Tactical Microwave Oper/Repairman - US Army  (July 1970 - June 1971)  
 SCOTT, James A.
 (Fort Washington, Maryland)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, Combat Cotnrol, Air Traffic Cotnrol & Logisitics  (July 1970 - July 1971)  
 SCOTT, Philip
 (Redwood Falls, Minnesota)
 SCOTT, Robert C.
 (Telford, Pennsylvania)
 OL1500 Postal and Courier Service  (November 1969 - June 1971)  
 SEGESSER, Werner T.
(Lacey, Washington)
 377th Supply Squadron  (October 1970 - October 1971)  
 SHAUD, John
 (Springfield, Virginia)
 RF-4C Aircraft Commander, 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron  
 SHEA, Mike
 (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
 1876th Communications Squadron  (October 1970 - September 1971)  
 (Berwick, Pennsylvania)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (October 1970 - October 1971)  
 SHWINER, Kevin A.
 (Fuquay Vacina, North Carolina)
 315CAMS-310 TALS-21TASS Aircraft Maintenance  (July 1971 - July 1972)  
 (Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin)
 US Army, 388th Transportation Company  (February 1972 - November 1972)  
 SIMPSON, Gilbert W.
 (East Liverpool, Ohio)
 33rd CAMRON (2nd ADiv) and 377th A&E (July 1964 - July 1966)  
 SIRRINE, Michael W.
 (La Grande, Oregon)
 US Army, 507th Transportation Group  (November 1966 - June 1968)  
 SISCO, Nathan E.
 (Gaithersburg, Maryland)
 OL 1500 USAF Postal and Courier Service  (December 1968 - December 1969)  
 SKEA, Richard B.
 (Edmonds, Washington)
 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing  
 SMITH, Jimmy L.
 (Dayton, Ohio)
 OLAA, Det. 2, 15th Aerial Support Squadron, Quinhon Army Airfield, Air Freight  (January 1968 - January 1969)  
 SMITH, Timothy B.
 (Middletown, Ohio)
 1st Marine Air Wing, Marine Air Control Squadron-4, at DaNang  (June 1969 - May 1970)  
 SNOWDEN, Clayton E. "Gene"
(Cookeville, Tennessee)
 Scatback C-118, C-47 (January 1970 - December 1970)  
 (Janesville, Wisconsin)
 377th Security Police Squadron (October 1967 - January 1968)  
 SPEER, James R.
 (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (January 1969 - January 1970)  
 SPENCER, Michael W.
 (Richland, Indiana)
 Tuy Hoa, 31st TFW, 309th TFS
 (December 1966 - December 1967) (TDY to Tan Son Nhut)
 STARKS, George B.
 (Anacortes, Washington)
 377th Combat Support Group, CBPO  (May 1970 - May 1971)  
 STATEN, Dr. Richard C.
 (Milton, Georgia)
 In Honor his father Maj. Carroll Milton Staten, USAF Retired - 616th Military Airlift Support Squadron  (February 1967 - January 1968)  
 STEIN, Fredrick A.
 (Albert Lea, Minnesota)
 12th and 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq.  
 STEWART, James A.
 (Montrose, Michigan)
 377th Security Police Squadron, Sentry Dog Handler  (September 1967 - September 1968)  
 STINE, Raymond C.
 (Williamstown, Pennsylvania)
 377th CAMS, Parachute/Life Support Group  
 (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
 7th Air Force Combat News Division  (April 1969 - March 1970)  
 (Evansville, IN)
 Monumental Memories, Inc  
 (Evansville, IN)
 Monumental Memories, Inc  
 (Evansville, IN)
 Monumental Memories, Inc  
 (Evansville, IN)
 Monumental Memories, Inc  
 (Azle, Texas)
 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare Sq.  
 STRIBLING, William B.
 (Americus, Georgia)
 120th Assault Helicopter Co., Razorbacks Gunships  (November 1967 - June 1968)  
 (Magnolia, Texas)
 31st ARRS, 39th ARRS, 20th MAS, 776 TAS, Aircraft Loadmaster  (July 1968 - April 1975)  
 STUTLER, Randall N.
 (Jane Lew, West Virginia)
 6250th and 377th Air Police Squadron  (October 1965 - October 1966)  
 SUBBIE, Paul A.
 (Winston Salem, North Carolina)
 SUKSTA, Walter S.
 (Stonewall, Louisiana)
 6994th Security Squadron  
 SWIFT, Michael T.
 (Owensboro, Kentucky)
 377th Combat Support Group, Postal Operations/Augmentee with 377th Security Police Squadron
 (April 1967 - April 1968)

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 TAKEUCHI, Martin T.
 (Chino, California)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron  (December 1967 - December 1968)  
 (Lubbock, Texas)
 19th Air Commando Squadron  
 TAYLOR, Reginald B.
 (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
 377th Combat Support Squadron, Dental Technician  (October 1968 - September 1969)  
 TEER, David C.
 (Papillion, Nebraska)
 505th TCG, in Administration  (August 1967 - July 1969)  
 (Cookeville, Tennessee)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (October 1968 - November 1969)  
 TESSIER, Thomas N.
 (Nashua, New Hampshire)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (October 1967 - August 1970)  
 THAYER, James M.
 (Trout Creek, Montana)
 377th Combat Support Group, 377th Transportation Squadron, Special Purpose Vehicle Repair  (Marcg 1967 � May 1968)  
 THOMA, Walter
 (Norwich, Connecticut)
 1876th Communications Squadron, 7th AF Combat Command Post, Communication Center Specialist  (May 1969 - May 1970)  
 THOMPSON, Joseph E.
 (Summerfield, Florida)
 377th CAMS  
 THOMPSON, Terrie ("TJ").
 (Eagan, Minnesota)
 619 Tac. Control Squadron, Weapons Controller  (August 1969 - August 1970)  
 THORNTON, Michael E.
 (Montgomery, Texas)
 U. S. Navy Seal Advisor, Medal Of Honor Recipient, (Ret)  ( - Oct 1972)  
 (Janesville, Wisconsin)
 1876th Communications Squadron (October 69 - October 70)  
 TKACHUK, Nicholas F.
 (Brownsburg, Indiana)
 Det 1, 5th Communication Squadron, Div PACAF, Cryptographer  (Nov 13, 1962 - Dec 13, 1962)  
 TOTTEN, Gary W.
 (Castle Rock, Washington)
 377th Transportation Squadron, Vehicle Maintenance, Minor Repair/Gas Station/Wrecker Driver  (May 1966 - September 1966)  
 (McKinney, Texas)
 460 Fld. Maint. Sq.  (June 1969 - May 1970)  
 (Lake Placid, Florida)
 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron  (November 1970 - August 1971)  
 TREIBER, Robert M.
 (Killen, Alabama)
 1876th Communications Squadron, AFSSO  (October 1967 - October 1968)  
 TRETTER, Sue Ellen  Widow of TSNA Co-Founder Don E. Parker  
 TRIPI, Robert C.
 (Westborough, Massachusetts)
 460th AMS (Airborne Nav)  
 TUCKER, Eugene
 (Ocala, Florida)
 8th Aerial Port  
 TURNER, James H.
 (Ocklawaha, Florida)
 69th Signal BN, Wrecker Driver and Mechanic  (August 1970 - August 1971)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (Attica, New York)
 In Touch, with the Tan Son Nhut Association  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (San Antonio, Texas)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, 3rd Transportation  (January 1966 - November 1966)  
 VEBLEN, Chris F.
 (Shelton, Washington)
 Det. 1, 834th Air Division  (January 1971 - January 1972)  

 Meadows (Veblen), Victoria C.
 (Shelton, Washington)
 Wife of Chris Veblen  

 VOITH, Edward A., Jr.
 (Montgomery, Alabama)
 7th AF HQ.,NCOIC Awards and Decorations and Casualty Division (May 1971 - April 1972)  

 VOLTZ, Wayne A.
 (Apollo Beach, Florida)
 12 RITS. Sending Imagery to D.C.  (May 1972 - February 1973)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 WALKER, Frank
 (Universal City, Texas)
 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare  

 WARREN, Christopher C.
 (Helena, Montana)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron, 834 Air Div, 7th AF, Air Cargo Specialist  (January 1970 - January 1971)  

 WARREN, Robert G.
 (South Bend, Indiana)
 834th AD, Det. 1
 377th CAMS, Aircraft Electrical Repairman  (September 1970 - June 1972)

 (Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia)
 Chaplain, 377th Combat Support Group  
 WAYSON, James C.
 (St. Helena, California)
 1876th Communications Squadron (1964th Commn. GP.) (August 1967 - August 1968)  
 WEBB, Mary J.
 (Yuba City, California)
 7th Air Force Office of History, Clerical Work  (December 1970 - December 1971)  
 WEBSTER, David A.
 (New Castle, Indiana)
 377th Air Police Squadron  (November 1965 - October 1966)  
 WHIPPLE, Daniel B.
 (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
 U. S. Army Aviation Material Management Center, Task Force 35 �Army 2�
 (September 1967 - September 1968)
 (Hanford, California)
 377th USAF Dispensary, 21st Casualty Staging Flight
 (April 1969 - April 1970)
 WHITCOM, Darrell D.
 (Fairfax, Virginia)
 (1970 - March 1974)
 C-7 Caribou, Phu Cat
 OV-10 Feb 1972 - Mar 1974
 O-1 Raven FAC, Det 1, 56 SOW, Long Tieng, Laos (LS20A) Sept 1972 - March 1973
 WHITE, Benjamin L.
 (Norfolk, Virginia)
 Headquarters, 7th Air Force  
 WHITE, Bobby L.
 (Rogersville, Tennessee)
 1884 Comm. Squadron, Communicaton/C-130 Pilot  (March 1967 - March 1968)  
 WHITE, Richard.
 (Branson, Missouri)
 Son of Edgar L. White - 7th Air Force Communications  (October 1967 - October 1968 & August 1970 - August 1971)  
 WHITLOW, Norman L.
 (Lancaster, Texas)
 360th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing Sq.  
 (Barnstable, Massachusetts)
 1876th Communications Squadron, Air Traffic Controller  (May 1965 - May 1966)  
 WICKHAM, Brian M.
 (New York, New York)
 Capital Military Assistance Command, Information Office, Broadcast Specialist, Supervisor  (August 1968 - June 1969)
 (Irvington, New Jersey)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron  (May 1963 - May 1964)  
 (Millstone Township, New Jersey)
 616th Military Airlift Support Squadron, TDY from Mactan AB, PI  (September 1966 - December 1966)  
 (Beavercreek, Ohio)
 Father of Sharon Jernigan  
 WIMMER, Bruce E.
 (Spring Hill, Florida)
 12th RITS Photo Interpretations and Targeting  (September 1972 - February 1973)  
 WINDHAM, Raybon L.
 (Mendenhall, Mississippi)
 460th A&E Communications, also worked EC  (July 1968 - October 1970)  
 WISNER, Donald S.
 (Belleville, Illinois)
 16th Tactical Reconnasiance Squadron, 460th TRS, Crew Chief RF-4C  (October 1965 - September 1966)  
 WOODDELL, Thomas J.
 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
 13th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron  (March 1966 - March 1967)  
 WOODS, Charles
 (Old Bridge, New Jersey)
 8th Aerial Port Squadron  

 WURSTER, Steven J.
 (Vero Beach, Florida)
 US Army Mortuary  

 WYMER, Earnest J.
 (Maumee, Ohio)
 377th Security Police Squadron  (November 1965 - November 1966)  


Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 YAGER, Thomas L.
 (Westerville, Ohio)
 USAF Office of Special Investigation, HQ District 50, Criminal Investiagtion and Counterintelligence  (March 1971 - March 1972)  
 (Chancellar, Alabama)
 377th CAM Sq.  
 YARWORTH, Dr. Joseph S.
 (Reading, Pennsylvania)
 MACV Advisory Team 62, Training South Vietnamese Airmen  (June 1970 - June 1971)  

Tan Son Nhut Association Membership
              NAME               ORGANIZATION     E-MAIL ADDRESS
 (Cabot, Arkansas)
 377th SPS. "C" Flight Security & SPS Armory   (June 1971 - May 1972)  
 ZOHN, Edward W.
 (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
 19th Air Command Squadron  

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