Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month
TSNA Patch

Recruitment Sign Daniel Schmittzehe sent us this photo of a metal recruitment sign.

It was appropriate for us during the Vietnam War and it is also appropriate now.
Care Package You can save the graphic on the left to your desktop and then print the label out.  That way you could add it to a package that you are sending to our men and women on active duty.

4" X 3.25"
Tan Son Nhut Wallet This type of wallet could be purchased from the Airmen's Open Mess at Tan Son Nhut Air Base.
Bank of America Check Tan Son Nhut Military Banking Facility, Bank of America Check.
 http://bcdlldb.com/Last_day_of_81st_Airborne_Ranger.htm A Vietnamese web site that is written in english.

It speaks of the last hours, at Tan Son Nhut Main Gate and the Joint Chief of Staff's gate.  April 1975.

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