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George Bontya
377th Civil Engineer's Squadron (Sign Shop)
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
October 1969 - February 1971

Many of you will remember seeing this beer at one of the Boni-Bon Stands.
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Jim Benjamin
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, Vietnam

Hooch at Ton Son Nhut after being hit by a 122mm rocket.
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Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
Sentry Dog Section

Modern day view of one of the two 619th Tactical Control Squadron, radar domes.  They were two geodesic domes that sit on towers.  Their call sign was "Paris Control."

In modern day times, the are behind what is now the Vietnamese Avation School.
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley

Barbara Oberhansley, The Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Weather Girl.

Introduced on AFVN as "the bubbling, bundle of barometric brilliance."  Bobbie closed each show with a wink and wished "everyone a pleasant evening weather-wise and good wishes for other-wise."

A volunteer, she was not paid of the weather broadcasts.

Officially, Bobbie was a secretary for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) who worked at the Mondial Hotel USAID Annex in Cholon and lived on Nguyen Hue Street in Saigon (1967 - 1969).

To see nineteen of her photographs, please go to URL:    http://www.historynet.com/photos-bobbie-keith-the-weathergirl.htm

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Kenneth Benson
377th Security Police Squadron
1970 - 1971

One of the 377th Security Police Squadron, test firing the M-60 Machine gun and the mini-gun attached to the V-100 Armored Vehicle.
5 Graphic courtesy of:  Kenneth Benson

The reverse side of the V-100.  Look on the front fender and you will see the name "Ruthie."

The V-100 was named after Major Ruth Kay Sidisin, better known as "Major Mom."

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