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1 United States Air Force Wall Plaque Seal
Kailey Wong Kailey Wong, a 6250th Air Policeman, which later became the 377th Security Police Squadron.
AUGIE and  Joe 
K-9 handler, Joe Richardson and his Sentry Dog, AUGIE.
2 K-9 handler, Harry Kokko and his Sentry Dog, MOX.   The picture looks like MOX is getting ready to tear Harry up, but that is MOX and the way he was.  This is how he showed his affection, by snarling, snapping and growling at his handler.  But he never bit Harry.
NEMO sickThe most famous United States Air Force Sentry Dog from Vietnam.  NEMO was assigned to Tan Son Nhut and was wounded during the Dec 4, 1966 attack on TSN.  The bullet went through his left side of his jaw and exited out his right eye.  At first the Vet. thought NEMO would not make it, due to his sever injuries.  NEMO was returned to Lackland AFB, TX.
3Do you remember the old days when you were required to take one salt tablet, three times per day?
AC-47AC-47 firing it mini-guns on the Western perimeter of Tan Son Nhut, during TET 1968.
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