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TSNA Patch

General George S. Brown This photograph was taken from, Seventh Air Force News, Christmas Issue 1968.

At the time, General Brown was on an inspection tour of a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier.
377th Security Police Sq. Kailey Wong sent this photograph to the 377th Security Police and the TSNA.

The photo shows Lt. Col. Roger Benton, Sq. Commander of the 377th Security Police Squadron - Tan Son Nhut inspecting the entire USAF Nung Special Forces Troops at the Nungs Headquarters, housed off base inside a compound housing a TDY-F4C Wing from the States, circa 1965.
Saigon USO Dan McKegney photograph.

Show the exterior of the Saigon USO which is located on the famous Tu Do Street.
Cholon Exchange Dan McKegney photograph.

Cholon Exchange and Commissary.

Located in the heart of Viet Cong country.
Alpha Bunker-7 Michael Kaplan Photo.

Showing one of the 377th Security Police Squadron defense bunkers.  It is located in Alpha Sector, North side of Tan Son Nhut.
Old North Church Michael Kaplan Photo.

Many of you will recognize the "Old North Church," located outside the North perimeter of Alpha Sector.
SAT TEAM Michael Kaplan Photo.

Typical 377th Security Police Squadron, Security Alert Team (SAT).

SAT teams consisted of three man teams.
Tango-1 View Michael Kaplan Photo.

This view was taken from the 377th SPS tower, Tango-1.  It was the largest water tower on TSN, orange and white in color.

It shows the view looking South, toward the 1300 area.

You can see the two radar towers top left.
Tango-Alpha Michael Kaplan Photo.

Another 377th SPS tower, designated, Tango-Alpha.

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