Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month

Sentry Dog Veterinarian
Graphic courtesy of:

Bob Laymon
377th CAMS, Scatback T-39, Crew Chief
Sep 1971 - Sep 1972

U.S. Army Veterinarian is treating one of the U.S. Army military working dogs.

Aerial Shelters
Graphic courtesy of:  Bob Laymon

Graphic courtesy of:

Joe Thompson
377th CAMS
1971 - 1972

This is my friend Daisy.

Boonie Hat
Graphic courtesy of:

Daniel Schmittzehe

Men working on the photograph interpertation.

Mel Barnes
Graphic courtesy of:

Mel Barnes
377th Civil Engineer's Squadron
Fire Department

This photograph of my entire shift mates and me, made in 1966.

Look how young we all were and the USAF gave each of us so much responsibility.

I am in the front row, second from the left.

Mel Barnes
Graphic courtesy of:  Mel Barnes

This is a photograph of me.

Radar Dome
Graphic courtesy of:

Daniel Schmittzehe

This is one of two radar domes, call sign "Paris Control".

100 Area
Graphic courtesy of:

George Cooley

This is where I lived in the 100 Area.

Graphic courtesy of:

George Cooley

Papa-san and Mama-san on the bicycle, going home.

Challenge Coin
Graphic courtesy of:

Edwin "Jack" Smith
377th Security Police
Base Police
December 1968 - December 1969

I had 100 of these coins made up for my Security Police friends, and they have all been sold.

Original Members

Can you help us identify any of these men by looking at the numbers? Photograph submitted by Mike Marcelain.

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