Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month
TSNA Patch

1 The Tan Son Nhut Association Veterans Day Memorial Wreath, at the Vietnam Wall.
2 Dale Bryan, Gary Redlinski, and Dick Palmetier, preparing to present the TSNA Memorial Wreath at the Wall.
3 TSNA Representatives ready for the Wreath Dedication.
4 The men who represented TSNA at the Wall on Veterans Day.
5 Veterans Day at the Vietnam Wall.
6 The plaque to the left is self-explanatory.
7 Graphic courtesy of:

Augustine R. Letto
Base Operations
January 1966 - December 1966

Quan Cahn Vietnamese military police at the Tan Son Nhut main gate.
8 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

Major Norman Birdwell. This photo was taken in early 1966 before General Momyer (7th Air Force Commander) outlawed use of two-wheel vehicles by Air Force personnel because of an excessive number of cases of "Honda Rash."
9 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

Never a problem finding a snack on the streets of Saigon. This photo was taken near the riverfront and the specialty of the day was pressed dried squid. I didn't sample it.
10 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

Can Tho, on the Mekong River. My U-3 mission destination was the nearby New Can Tho airfield.

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