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TSNA Patch

a Graphic courtesy of:

Lionel Jeffers
6470th & 460th Reconnaissance Technical Squadrons
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
July 1967 - July 1968

The photograph of the airmen repairing the roof was at the motor pool.  It was taken some time after the May 6, 1968 "Mini-Tet."
b Graphic courtesy of:  Lionel Jeffers

The other rocket hit a quanset hut which was located southwest of the chow hall.
c Graphic courtesy of:  Lionel Jeffers

There was a rocket that also hit the road just northeast of the chow hall, at the intersection between it and the motor pool. May 6th "Mini-Tet"
d Graphic courtesy of:  Lionel Jeffers

It hit next to a truck trailer and the shrapnel tore some holes in it.
4 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley
5 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley

A2C George Michael Bevich, Jr., 04 Dec 66

A2C John Matthew Cole, 04 Dec 66

A2C Oliver John Riddle, 04 Dec 66

A2C Charles David Gabriel, 06 Jan 67

SGT William Joseph Cyr, 31 Jan 68

SGT Louis Harold Fischer, 31 Jan 68

SGT Charles Edward Hebron, 31 Jan 68

SGT Roger Bertha Mills, 31 Jan 68

SGT Charles Edward Bestmann, 28 Nov 68

A1C Ronald Irvin McDonald, 14 Apr 70

SGT John Robert Piner, 11 Mar 70

A1C George Henry Pacio, 21 Dec 70

SMSgt Steve Porovich, 21 Apr 72

SGT Dale L. DeWolf, 05 Feb 73

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