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Doug Warner, was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, RVN, 509th Radio Research Group, at Davis Station.  He has graciously given the TSNA permission to post three, of his excellent photographs of Tan Son Nhut.  Please enjoy the photographs and go to his web page at the following URL:
to see additional photographs.  All of his photographs are of excellent quality.

Tan Son Nhut Main Gate
This is an aerial photograph of Tan Son Nhut's Main Gate, looking West.  You can also see the Buddhism pagoda and cemetery just outside the main gate and to the right.  Across the street you can see 100-P Alley.  During TET 1968, 21 Military Policemen from the 716th MP BN, died while defending Tan Son Nhut.

Tan Son Nhut radar domes
Another aerial photograph, this time we are looking East toward the main gate which is approximately 3/4 of a mile away.  The two radar domes should be very familiar to all personnel who were assigned to Tan Son Nhut.

Tan Son Nhut Davis Station barracks area
Davis Station barracks and office area, which is adjacent to the airfield, taxiway and aircraft parking area's.

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