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Freedom Graphic courtesy of:  

Scott Jones
TSNA Life Member
Nephew of Charles Penley

To a civilian like me, the words to the left really hit home. Thank all of you for your honorable service.
1 Graphic courtesy of:  

Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut

The photograph on the left is a photograph that was taken just hours after the initial Attack on Tan Son Nhut, Tet Offensive, Jan 31, 1968.
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Augustine R. Letto
Base Operations
January 1966 - December 1966

Capt Liem, Vietnamese Air Force liaison officer to the Base Operations office.

He was a very personable fellow, easy to get along with. He was a Catholic, as were many of the loyal Vietnamese.

I have always wondered what happened to him and his family after the fall of Saigon.
3 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

Tan Son Nhut west ramp, west of Base Operations.

Among the aircraft in this view, there is a P-2V, a U-3B, a C-118, several C-121s and a C-47. The revetments didn't help the RF-101s and RF-4s much.

During the rocket and mortar attack on the base, Charlie had the range and was dropping rounds right into the revetments.
4 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

There were very few on-base billets for Air Force personnel in 1966, so most of us lived in apartments or villas in Saigon.

The Navy ran the bus system between various town locations and the base. This is the stop on Hai Ba Trung Street, with the Army's Brink BOQ in the background.

Note the heavy screens positioned to prevent grenades from being thrown through the open windows on the bus.
5 Graphic courtesy of: Augustine R. Letto

Approach from over the South China Sea to Nha Trang Air Base.

The runway is out of view but the parking ramp is visible on the far right of the photo.

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