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Dan McKegney Dan McKegney sent this photograph to the TSNA.

Following TET '68, there was a flurry of activity on Tan Son Nhut to fill sandbags.

The former priority of base beautification gave way in favor of devoting resources to safety.

I took the attached picture while on sandbag detail.

As I recall, the cameraman and soundman / interviewer were from the BBC.
Training Building Sgt Lotnay standing just outside the 377th Security Police Sq. Training building.
Revetments Part of the Perimeter in Charlie Sector.

East end of the Air Base, looking toward the revetments on the parking ramps.
Tango-5 One of the Security Police towers utilized by the 377th Security Police Squadron.

This tower had the designation of Tango-5.
0-51 Bunker One of the 377th Security Police Bunkers.

It was designated the
0-51 Bunker.

During TET 1968 (Jan 31) it was manned by five Security Policemen.

Four SP's died inside the bunker and one barely survived.

It is located on the West end of the Air Base, at the end of the runways.
40mm grenades Shown here is the M-79 weapon and numerous 40mm grenades utilized by the Security Police.

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