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Pelto Banner
Bird Dog Airplane It took alot of guts to Fly this Baby!!!
B-Mail "No young man, we didn't have email back in Nam, but we did have B-Mail"
Could we use graphics with "B-Mail?"  Sure, they probably weren't as detailed as what you use today, but the got the point across LOUD and CLEAR, and guess what, we never had a single "B-Mail" returned marked, "Undeliverable."
Chris Noel "Chris Noel"

One of the American Veterans Sweethearts."

McKegney Banner
Membership Card, Tan 
Son Nhut Enlisted Club To many of our members, this Tan Son Nhut Enlisted Club membership card, will look familiar.  Thanks to Daniel McKegney for submitting it to us for the month of June.
Reserved If you have a photograph that you would like to see on this web page then contact Charles Penley.

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