Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month

TSNA Patch

Michael Kaplan Michael Kaplan, was assigned to the 377th Security Police Squadron during the Aug 1969 - Aug 1970 time frame.  He worked in Alpha Sector on the Nothern perimeter, night shift.  He lived in the 1300 area, adjacent to the new PX.

He sent me three trays of slides.  I scanned many of the slides so that you could see them here on this format.
Base Policeman An unknown Base Policeman checks the idenity of three mama-sans at the entrance to the Radar Dome complex.
K-9 handlers Here are two Sentry Dog Handlers.

Notice the K-9 patch he is wearing on the sleeve of his right shoulder.
1SG McLane 377th Security Police Squadron 1SG McLane.

If you know his full name and time at Tan Son Nhut, then please let Charles Penley know.
Quan-Kanh Here is a photograph of a typical Quan-Kanh which is a Vietnamese Military Policeman.
K-9 handler Here is another Sentry Dog Handler.

Notice the K-9 patch on his right shoulder also.

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