Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month
TSNA Patch

QRT Sat Vehicle 1966 Photo courtesy of:
Daniel Schmittzehe

A photograph of the 377th Air Police Squadron, Security Alert Team vehicle.

Photograph was taken shortly after the Attack on Tan Son Nhut, Dec 4-5, 1966.

The vehicle was hit by a RPG. You can see part of the RPG lying on the ground.
Bob Need Graphic courtesy of:
Wayne Salisbury

This is a photograph of Bob Need in the Tan Son Nhut Association's Office.
Audio Tape Photo courtesy of:
Dan McKegney

I receintly discovered an old audio tape my mother had sent me when I was at Tan Son Nhut.   I had the tape transferred to 21st century techonology, a CD and was delighted to hear those dear voices from the past during that Christmas Day celebration in California.  Look in those crooks, crannies and cubby holes, fellas.  Maybe you'll find a nugget of gold, just as I did.   Who knows?
Majestic Hotel Graphic courtesy of Dan Schmittzehe

Decal from the Majestic Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam.
Majestic Hotel two Graphic courtesy of Daniel Schmittzehe.

Decal from the Majestic Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam
Caravelle Hotel Photo courtesy of Dan Schmittzehe

Postcard of the Caravelle Hotel 1965.

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