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1 Graphic courtesy of:

Ron Boydston
525th Combat Evaluation Group
Military Intelligence Unit

Airline-supplied postcard on which the author penned his first dispatch on the way to Vietnam.

"The in-flight meals and service were great; the destination wasn't
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Larry Mayes

President Nixon's Aircraft "Air Force-1" at Tan Son Nhut 1970.

Leo Murray's research revealed the following:

The visit was unscheduled and in some articles referred to as a surprise visit.

The president was on a three day visit to Bangkok, Thailand when he made the unscheduled side trip to Vietnam, landing at Tan Son Nhut at noon on Wednesday, July 30th, 1969.  The visit lasted 5 1/2 hours.

From Tan Son Nhut he flew by Huey with Kissinger to the Presidential Palace in Saigon to visit with President Thieu.  That visit lasted 2 1/2 hours.

From there he flew with Kissinger to Di An, an army base 12 miles north of Saigon, home to the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division.

At Di An he visited with military commanders and spent about an hour visiting with the troops before returning to Tan Son Nhut, by Huey.

Air Force One departed at 5:35 PM and returned to Bangok, Thailand.
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Vietnam Security Police Association

Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
October 1967 - July 1969

Showing all the Vietnam Campaign ribbons and their dates.

These Campaign Ribbons are true for all of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Everyone who served in Vietnam for a period of twenty-four (24) hours, was awarded the Rebuplic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm.

The ribbons below the yellow campaign ribbons pertain to the USAF and it would depend if your individual unit was awarded them.

Clocks Graphic courtesy of:

Larry Fry
Detachment 8, 2nd ADVON
Dec 1961 - March 1962

Some of the handcrafts that I make.
Dugan Graphic courtesy of:

Jim Dugan
90th Replacement Battalion, Camp Alpha
June 1969 - June 1970

Specialist 5 (E-5) enlisted rank, most often seen on members of the 90th Replacement and USARV.

Below that is a representation of the Vietnam Service Medal with ribbon.
Koopman Graphic courtesy of:

Dave Koopman
460th Field Maintenance Squadron
September 1967 - September 1968.
Penley Graphic courtesy of:

Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
October 1967 - July 1969.
Penley Graphic courtesy of:

Gary Redlinski
US Army Mortuary
Graves Registration ID Specialist
TSN, 1968-1970

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Gary Redlinski

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