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TSNA Patch

JDOC Joint Defense Operations Center, Tan Son Nhut, Air Base with insignia of participating U.S. and RVN organizations.
Interior JDOC Phil Williams, 377th Security Police Squadron, sent this photograph to the TSNA.

This is the map we used to plot incoming rockets (from the information supplied by the Security Police on the three (3) rocket towers on TSN.)  They would give us the coordinates of the flash and we would pull the strings across the map and give ARMY the triangulation.  Then ARMY would dispatch a welcome committee of Cobra choppers.
Injured Air Policeman This photograph was taken aboard a C-141 Air Ambulance from Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

A2C Lyle K. Davis, is a 377th Air Policeman and suffered a chest wound during the Dec 4-5 1966, Attack on Tan Son Nhut Air Base.
800 Area Daniel Schmittzehe, 377th Security Police Squadron, submitted this photograph.

This is a portion of the Engineer's Map of Tan Son Nhut, 1968, showing the 800 Area.

The actual width is 1.497 inches and length is 1.707 inches.

Save it to your hard-drive if you wish.  However if you print it out it will be the measurement as listed above.
 http://bobp31.homestead.com/TAN_SON_NHUT.html Charles Penley has found a web site that has one page that pertains to Tan Son Nhut.

It has numerous pages, however just this one page pertains to TSN.

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