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1 Graphic courtesy of:

Major Ruth Sidisin
21st Casualty Staging Unit
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
December 1968 - December 1969

Major Sidisin would stand on the second floor of her barracks around 1600 hours on a daily basis and wave to the security policemen who were going to work.  Many of the nurses and other ladies from Tan Son Nhut would join with Ruth and boost the morale of the security policemen.

Major Sidisin thought of the young men as her boys and they would yell up to her, "Hi Mom!"

On Mothers Day, the security policemen gave her a beautiful bouquet of pink gladioli flowers
1a Graphic courtesy of:

Sgt Ray Rash
377th Security Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
October 1968 - October 1969

Upon Major Ruth Sidisin pending PCS back to the world, the 377th Security Policemen, Heavy Weapons Section, honored her with a plaque from them.

They definately were going to miss "MOM."
1b Graphic courtesy of:

Major (Ret) Dee Corbett-Reiter
21st Casualty Staging Unit
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Sep 1969 - Sep 1970

This is the Ruth Sidisin holding the plaque that the men of the 377th Security Police Squadron, Heavy Weapons Section awarded to her prior to her PCS back to "The World."
1c Graphic courtesy of:  Major (Ret) Dee Corbett-Reiter
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Col Joan Gray
21st Casualty Staging Unit
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
December 1969 to December 1970

Here is a photograph of four of the retired nurses that served in Vietnam with Major Ruth Sidisin:


Lt. Col (Ret.) Maryanne Dellesky

Standing L - R:

Major (Ret.) Dee Corbett-Reiter
Lt. Col. (Ret) Diane Hoskin
Col. (Ret.) Joan Gray.

These are just a few of the nurses that waved to the 377th Security Policemen nightly as they finished their guardmount and then enroute to their various nightly bunkers.  The photograph was taken at the Society of Air Force Nurses National Convention in Branson, MO., Sep 22 - 27, 2009.
3         3a Graphic courtesy of:

Capt Carol Bessette
Headquarters, 7th Air Force
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
April 1968 - May 1969

(From Charles Penley, TSNA web master)  It was Carol's story for the Tan Son Nhut Association "Revetments" newsletter and for the TSNA 2010 CD that the story of Major Ruth Sidisin became known.

Capt Bessette was one of the women who would occasionally get to wave to the security policemen.

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