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TSNA Patch

1 Graphic courtesy of:

Jim Gropper
97th Artillery Group, Alpha Battery, US Army
June 1965 - July 1966

After watching some of my new CD's, I remembered about some cards I had that was issued to US Army troops.

I guess that the Air Force had the same cards or somthing like these.

I also have a book I bought in the BX there on Tan Son Nhut, in 1965.  A Vietnamese phrase book I still have.  That time seems so long ago and so far away.

Any way, I thought I would send the picture of the cards if you can use them.
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Dave Dowdell
377th Security Police Squadron
Charlie Sector  (located near the terminal)
November 1967 -  November 1968

This is only one of our two biggest guns.  You will notice the four barrels sticking out from the rear.  They are .50 Cal and the unit will swivel left and right.

TSNA Member, Larry Blades also served on this weapon system.

Awesome, don't you think?
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Dave Dowdell

Someone had to guard this valuable product and the Security Police were the chosen ones.
4 Graphic courtesy of:  Dave Dowdell

The force of a rocket explosion blows up and out.

Whatever these two items are, it struck the revetment wall and embedded themselfs.
5 Graphic courtesy of:  Dave Dowdell

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