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1 Graphic courtesy of:

Fred A. Stein
12th and 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq.
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, Vietnam

Reno’s handler, Andy Stein, is the son of Tan Son Nhut Association Member, Fred Stein.

My wife and I will be grandparents for the 2nd time in a few weeks.  Both our sons are law enforcement officers; the oldest son is in Grand Forks, North Dakota; the younger son is near us in "Spam Town" / Austin, MN, home of the Hormel Co.

Son Andrew, was a Security Policeman in The USAF for six years, as a K9 handler.  He has a working dog also, with the Grand Forks Police Department

My second son, Kristoffer, followed his older brother's footsteps and become a policeman also.

Andrew and Reno trained for four months with the Canadian K9 Unit.  Reno is trained to locate drugs, is a tracker, and he is trained in apprehension / "bite-dog".

I have done ride-along's with both sons several times; quite a "hoot" to observe them deal with the "bad guy's" and with the general public.
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Mike Marcelain
377th Security Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut Air Base

October 1970 - October 1971

The article is from the Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper, dated Feb 23, 1970.
3 Graphic courtesy of:

Robert Kuennen
377th Security Police Sq, Joint Defense Operations Center (JDOC)
July 1970 - February 1972

Phil Williams using the Battery Commander Scope.
4 Graphic courtesy of: Robert Kuennen

This is just one of several maps that we utilized in JDOC.
5 Graphic courtesy of: Robert Kuennen

Saigon, Vietnam. GI want taxi, 500 piasters?
6 Graphic courtesy of: Robert Kuennen

The French cemetary just outside of the southern perimeter on Plantation Road.

This was the scene of the Mini-TET, May 6, 1968.
7 Graphic courtesy of: Robert Kuennen

This is what the 051 Gate looked like when I left in 1972.

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