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Unknown Donor
Mini-Tet, May 6-10, 1968.

From the southern perimeter, the enemy came through this French Cemetery, trying to gain entry and advance towards the 1200-Area.

You can see one of the radar domes on the top left.

There was a very large enemy ground force and to assist the enemy, were fourty-two (42) rockets and mortars.

In addition to the 377th Security Police Squadron, defending the southern perimeter, men such as Tan Son Nhut Association Member's Dave Koopman and Jerry Fish came to the defense of Tan Son Nhut.

Jerry Fish, was one of the wounded.
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Dale Baker
Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
Scatback T-39, 1968 - 1969
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, Vietnam

A photograph of myself in Vietnam.
2 Graphic courtesy of: Dale Baker

One of the Scatback aircraft's.
3 Graphic courtesy of: Dale Baker

One of the Scatback aircraft's.
4 Graphic courtesy of: Dale Baker

One of the scene's around Tan Son Nhut
5 Graphic courtesy of: Dale Baker

A portion of the revetments area.
Last Graphic courtesy of: Chattanooga Choo Choo

On May 1, 2013, we will be 44 days away from the Tan Son Nhut Association Reunion, that will be held Jun 13 - 16, 2013 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Have you made your reservations?
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Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam

Over the years, at the top of the TSNA Bulletin Board, there is a banner that flips to reveal a second banner.

I currently have made 59 different banners over the last few years.

At the left, you can see a sampling of these banners.

You can view all of them in full size at URL:

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