Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month

1 Graphic courtesy of:

Nigel Brooks
U.S. Army
HHC Special Troops
August 1966 - February 1968

Civilian Investigator for AAFES (February 1968 - August 1971)
1a Graphic courtesy of:  Nigel Brooks

This photo is the USARV parade ground and was taken from the top floor of the USARV Consolidate Mess.

The parade ground was used for award ceremonies and such.

Most of us tried to avoid having to participate and it was usually the guys on reaction force who were required to march to the sound of the 266th Army Band.

The photo was taken sometime in early 1967 before USARV pulled out and moved to Long Binh.
1b Graphic courtesy of:  Nigel Brooks

This is the USARV Consolidated Mess in early 1967.

It was built toward the end of 1966 as I recall and also consisted of Enlisted Men barracks on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
a Graphic courtesy of:

William R. Moffitt

504th Tactical Air Support Group
Bien Hoa Air Base
September 1966 - September 1967

Det. 1, 834th Air Division
Admin Specialist
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
February 1968 - August 1969
b Graphic courtesy of:  William R. Moffitt

Det 1, 834th Air Division, building 0955.
2 Graphic courtesy of:  George Sarfine

The photograph on the left is a friend and myself.

The weapon held by the taller man, is the M-79, 40mm grenade lancher

I am holding the M-60 machine gun.
3 Graphic courtesy of:

Kim L. Swearingen
6994th Security Squadron
Tan Son Nhut
1971 - 1972.

I recently joined this fine association and would like to submit my photo.

This was taken at one of the Air Force survival schools just before I was in Viet Nam.

You know the old story ... three or four rolls of film never got developed and disappeared.
4 Graphic courtesy of:

Timothy Lee
HQ, 7th Air Force
Clerk for 7th AF Intelligence
April 1969 - April 1970

The new and proud buck Sergeant.

I had just received my 3rd stripe that day, not realizing that the following year at Wright-Patterson AFB, that I would be sewing on the 4th stripe.

Hard to believe this picture was taken over 44 years ago.
5 Graphic courtesy of:  Timothy Lee

Building 0546, located on Tan Son Nhut.

Moses E. Romero (Mo).

Mo was the "Man."

He was the orderly room clerk who had all the connections.

I am sure many of you who were there from April 1969 thru April 1970, with 7th Air Force remember him.

He was part Spanish and Apache; he would tell me many times that his grandfather rode with Pancho Villa.

Mo, Tony Bono and I went to Sydney, Australia on R&R in January 1970.

The only American fast food, I saw happened to be Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Hey, what about the "Red Garter Saloon," does anyone remember that place?

What a wonderful time that was.

Without Mo's connections this trip would have not happened for me.

Should anyone know where and what Mo is doing, please contact me.
6 Graphic courtesy of:  Timothy Lee

Statue in downtown Saigon, Vietnam.   1969

I snapped this picture on my way to the Zoo.

I thought that it looked very clean and bold in the street.

I have no idea what the statue was for nor do I know what it says.

Susie May Aherns interprets the sign:

Apparently this sign was by, or in front of the Police Department because the sign read:

Duties of National Policemen
Maintaining security
Keeping order
Helping and Protecting citizens
7 Graphic courtesy of:  Timothy Lee

Gate to the US Army Heliport.

It's call sign was "Hotel-3".

My hootch area was located very close to the Heliport,

I would be amazed how the crane helicopter would bring in the disabled helicopters on a very looooog cable and set them down.

They repaired many units there and would fly them out of there daily.

Does anyone remember Camp Alpha (US Army,) it was located within the heliport area as a Army Staging Area, possibly R&R?
c Graphic courtesy of:

Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
Sentry Dog Section
Oct 1967 - Jul 1969.
d Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley
d1 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley
James Scott Graphic courtesy of:

James Scott
8th Aerial Port Squadron
July 1965 - July 1966
e Graphic courtesy of:  James Scott

Last seven months, I was the load planner for the 8th APS, prior line loading and a few times TDY, pre 8th Mob.

April 13, 1966, the rocket and mortar attack on Tan Son Nhut, set the POL Area on fire.

On this particular day, 246 rocket and mortar rounds hit TSN, in a matter of thirteen (13) minutes.
f Graphic courtesy of:  James Scott

Another view of the POL fire, April 13, 1966.

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