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TSNA Patch

Death Notice Although this form is blank, I am sure that some of your family members and friends have received such a form that had been filled out.

It is the Special Purpose Telegram Blank No. 74/AG that would be prepared and delivered to one of the telegram businesses, for them to fill out in their particular format and then delivered to a certain residence.
Bar Joe Davenport submitted these photographs of his time at Tan Son Nhut.

This photograph is an interior of a bar on Trun Hung Dao Street.
Barracks Joe's photograph showing the barracks area on Tan Son Nhut.
APO 96307 Joe's photograph of the Old Mail Room, APO 96307.
Air Operations Joe's photograph of Air Operations with a Slick in front of the building.
People Joe's photograph of people on Tan Son Nhut.
Airmens Open Mess Joe's photograph showing Tan Son Nhut's Airmen's Open Mess.
Main Gate Joe's photograph showing Tan Son Nhut's Main Gate.
White Mice Joe's photograph showing a Saigon White Mice on his traffic stand.
USO Saigon Joe's photograph showing the front of the USO in Saigon.
Execution Square Joe's photograph showing Execution Square Saigon.
Front Cover Dave Koopman submits this 1967 Thanksgiving dinner menu.
Commanders Message Thanksgiving message from the Base Commander.
Menue Hope everyone enjoyed at least one serving of this delicious dinner.

I was there during Nov 1967 and enjoyed it very much.   A firm salute to the Cook's are definately in order.

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