Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month
TSNA Patch

1 Graphic courtesy of:

Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron
October 1967 - July 1969

Let us all rember what it means to serve our country.
2 Graphic courtesy of:

Edwin "Jack" Smith
377th Security Police Squadron
Base Police Section
November 1967 - November 1968

The 1300-Area was adjacent to the new PX and across the street from the U.S. Army heliport, known as Hotel-3.
3 Graphic courtesy of:

Larry Blades
377th Security Police Squadron
Heavy Weapons Section
December 1968 - December 1969

We did not have the Quad-50 before TET 1968.  After TET 1968, we received two of these systems along with other heavy weapons such as V-100's and U.S. Army M113's, Armored Personnel Carriers.
4 Graphic courtesy of:  Unknown Individual

This Quad-50 is parked adjacent to the U.S. Army heliport.  This one is Quad 1.   After 1969 it's radio call sign was "Foxtrot 1."

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