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On October 7, 2011 at 10:00am, at the Major Mark W. Syrkin Monument of Valor
in Charlotte, NC, the Tan Son Nhut Association plaque was dedicated.

Tan Son Nhut Association Plaque The TSNA Plaque has been attached on the Mark Syrkin Monument of Valor, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Dale Baker Dale Baker
Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Scatback T-39
(1968 - 1969)
George Bontya George Bontya
377th Civil Engineer's Squadron (Sign Shop)
(Oct 1969 - Feb 1971)
Harold Boone Harold Boone
460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
(Sep 1967 - Aug 1968)
Dale Bryan Dale Bryan
Detachment 2, 30th Weather Squadron
(May 1967 - May 1968)
Michael Cain Michael Cain
377th Security Police Squadron
(Nov 1967 - Nov 1968)
Rich Carvell Rich Carvell
12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron (Photo Lab OIC)
(Jun 1970 - Jun 1971)
Bob Chaffee Bob Chaffee
Base Chaplain
Bill Coup Bill Coup
460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
(1965 - 1966 and 1970 - 1971)
Mike DeTuccio Mike DeTuccio
377th Air Police Squadron
(Nov 1965 - Oct 1966)
Jim Faulkner Jim Faulkner
OL1508 USAF Pacific Postal and Courier Region, NCOIC, Inbound Mail (In Country)
(Mar 1967 - Mar 1968)
Gary Fields Gary Fields
377th Civil Engineer Squadron
(Feb 1969 - Feb 1970)
Benny Goodman Benny Goodman
8th Aerial Port Squadron, Air Cargo Specialist
(1963 - 1964)
Harlan Hatfield Harlan Hatfield
460th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron (PMEL)
(Jan 1967 - Jan 1968)
Donald Howard Donald Howard
377th Security Police Squadron
(December 1967 - December 1968)
Johnnie Jernigan Johnnie Jernigan
460th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron (Navigation Shop)
(Feb 1967 - Feb 1968)
Janice Jones Janice Jones
Sister of Tan Son Nhut Veteran, Charles Penley
TSNA Life Member
Thomas Lawson Thomas Lawson
377th CAMS - Airborne radio shift supervisor
377th Air Base Wing - Quality Control
(Sep 1972 - Feb 1973)
Charles Penley Charles Penley
377th Security Police Squadron, Sentry Dog Handler
(Oct 1967 - Jul 1969)
T.K. Smith-Cole and George Plunkett L: T.K. Smith-Cole
     Director of Communications

R: George Plunkett
     1st Mobile Communications Group
     (Oct 1966 - Apr 1967)
     (TDY: Jul 1962 - Jul 1963)
Trish Plunkett Trish Plunkett
Wife of George Plunkett
Robbie Roberson L: Angela Duncan
     Daughter of Robbie Robertson

R: Robbie Robertson
     1964th Communications Squadron
1 Graphic courtesy of:

Augustine R. Letto
Base Operations
January 1966 - December 1966

Capt. Dan Sevin. He was assigned to transient alert, right next to the base operations office.

Those guys worked hard, handling many VIP flights each day plus odd visitors such as a B-47, a U-2, air evac flights, loads of bodies being sent home and diverted emergency aircraft.

And then there were the questionable ones, like the Army OV-1s from Vung Tau that made a habit of blowing tires so that they had to spend an extra night in downtown Saigon.
2 Graphic courtesy of:  Augustine R. Letto

A Vietnamese Air Force C-47 after the base attack of 13 Apr 1966
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Augustine R. Letto

Ban Me Thout Air Base from the cockpit of a U-3B. It was a rough-looking place
4 Graphic courtesy of:  Augustine R. Letto

No time to stop at the BX barber shop for a haircut? Alternatives were available on the streets of Saigon.

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