Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month

1 Graphic courtesy of:

Joe Stolarski
377th Air Police Squadron
Bravo Sector
October 1969 - October 1970

A photograph of myself writing a letter home.
2 Graphic courtesy of:  Joe Stolarski

A photograph of Tan Son Nhut's Main Gate, circa: 1969.
3 Graphic courtesy of:

A1C Roger Erickson
377th Combat Supply Squadron
July 1966 - July 1967

A photograph of myself.
4 Graphic courtesy of:  

Roger Erickson

A photograph of Keith Hall, standing in front of the 377th Combat Supply Squadron, barracks area, Building 800
5 Graphic courtesy of:  Tom Hewitt
A Company, 69th Signal BN
1967 - 1968
Camp Gaylor area, doing prep work for the 69th Sig. BN., party area.
6 Graphic courtesy of:  

Alvin T. Pontarelli
377th Civil Engineer Squadron
Carpenter Shop
June 1967 - June 1968

This is one of the best patches that I have came across.
7 Graphic courtesy of:

Joe Kricho
1876th Communications Squadron
December 1967 - December 1968

I've spent many years looking for anything related to the 1876th Comm Sq but came up empty-handed.

Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I found this company that makes custom hats, t-shirts, etc.

So I designed my own hat.

The hat as pictured was $34.95.  Not cheap but it is custom, and the quality is first rate.

Everything is embroidered directly on the hat-no patches.

From the time I placed my order it took about 7-10 days.

They also offer additional embroidery on the sides and back of the cap pushing the price of the hat up to around $65.00.

The website is:

8 Graphic courtesy of:

Fred G. Treadway
12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
1970 - 1971

I got a deal on some 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing patches.

If anyone would like to have one, I have a total of 40 to offer to members of this FB page at $5 each which includes mailing within the continental U.S.

I am not looking to make any profit on these patches. My cost is your cost.

If interested, let me know. Photo is the actual patch.
9 Graphic courtesy of:  

Steve Curry
377th Security Police Squadron
May 1968 - May 1969

Two maps from Saigon, Vietnam.  One is from the Shell Station and the other from the Esso Station.
10 Graphic courtesy of:  Daniel Schmittzehe

Capitol Hotel, BEQ.

The 716th Military Police lived in this BEQ.

Charles Penley needs additional Saigon BOQ and BEQ photo's.

If you have one please share it with the other veterans.

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