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Waiting on the VC This is an excellent photograph of Charles Akins, of the 377th Security Police Squadron at one of the defensive bunkers.

He was assigned to Charlie Sector, which included the Base Terminal and the VNAF Officers Club.

He is also shown holding his assigned
M-60 Machine gun.
Chapel Memory Charles Akins, of the 377th Security Police Squadron took this photograph of the remains of a 122mm rocket that destroyed the Base Chapel, during the Feb 18, 1968, TET Attack.
Close Call To the front of this RB57E is a crater that was probably made by a mortar round.

It was definately a close call for the aircraft and anyone who was nearby at the time of impact.
Direct Hit This aircraft was not as lucky as the A-37 above.   It sustained a direct hit from a rocket or mortar round and totally demolished it.
CraterThis crater was made by a 122mm rocket or a mortar.
Going HomeCharlie Akins, going home!!!


He's so short, all he has to do is report to the terminal and walk up and get on the FREEDOM BIRD!!!
Reserved If you have a photograph that you would like to see on this web page then contact Charles Penley.

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