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Tan Son Nhut Association Mug Is it REAL or is it not?

This is not a real photograph but rather some tricks that were done on Adobe Photoshop by Charles Penley
Short Timers Jacket Terry Galat sent this photograph to the
377th Security Police Squadron and the Tan Son Nhut Association.

The photo depicts a Short Timers Jacket.
Garey Mahoney Terry Galat sent this photo showing another 377th Security Police Squadron member standing in front of the unit's armorey.
Terry Galat Terry Galat was assigned to the 377th Security Police Squadron from April 1966 - April 1967.

He was there when the sappers came onto Tan Son Nhut during the Dec 4 and Dec 5, 1966 attack.  Approximately 40 sappers made it on post and destroyed some valuable equipment.

Most of the sappers were killed and eight were captured.

His M-16 is one of the older versions, notice the three prong flash suppressor.
Mama-san Terry Galat's photo shows one of the
Mama-san's who worked out of the K-9 barracks during 1966-1967.
Base Chapel Terry Galat's photo showing the front of the Base Chapel, which was adjacent to the old security police compound in the 100 area.

This is the chapel that was destroyed during TET that took place on Jan 31, 1968.
New Base Chapel Michael Kaplan's photo shows the New Base Chapel.   You can see the differences.
Revetments Kaplan's photo showing Charlie Sector Revetments.
Tango-10 Kaplan's photo showing another of the 377th Security Police Squadron towers.
This tower was designated Tango-10.
Base Taxi Kaplan's photo showing the base taxi at the New Base Exchange, adjacent to the 1300 Area.
Security Police Armory Kaplan's photo showing the 377th Security Police Squadron's Armory.
Bon-Bon stands Kaplan's photo showing some of the Bon-Bon stands that were located on Tan Son Nhut.
Wood Logo Wood Logo that is simply not a real item.

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