Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month
TSNA Patch

Graphic courtesy of:

Morris Cutler
309th ACS (C-123 Flight Engineer)
(November 1964 - November 1965)
(November 1970 - October 1971)

Holding a thompson submachine gun.
Graphic courtesy of:  Morris Cutler

My unit patch.
Graphic courtesy of:  Morris Cutler

My unit conducts an awards ceremony on the tarmac at Tan Son Nhut.  The C-123's are in a "Missing Man," flying formation.
Graphic courtesy of:  Morris Cutler

A closer look at the "Missing Man," formation.
3 Graphic courtesy of:

Gary Redlinski
United States Army Mortuary
Graves Registration ID Specialist
May 1968 - Jul 1970

Sitting at my desk, doing some much needed paperwork.

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