Tan Son Nhut Association Photo of the Month

b Graphic courtesy of:

Sharon Jernigan
TSNA Life Member

The TSNA Veterans who attended Wayne Salisbury's Funeral.

1.   Carol Bessette
2.   John Bessette
3.   George Plunkett
4.   Bill Coup
5.   Johnnie Jernigan
6.   Charles Penley
7.   Larry Fry
8.   Benny Goodman
9.   Gary Fields
10.  Bobby Law
11.  Harold Boone
a Graphic courtesy of:  Simpson Funeral Home Director

Wives, Sister and Nephew of the TSNA Veterans.

1.  Scott Jones
2.  Brenda Boone
3.  Lois Fry
4.  Janice Jones
5.  Sharon Jernigan
c Graphic courtesy of:

Sharon Jernigan

On Aug 9, 2014, shortly after 3:00 p.m., eleven men from the Tan Son Nhut Association, attended Wayne Salisbury's Funeral.

Here they are presenting the final salute, to Wayne.
aa Graphic courtesy of:

Henry Allessio
133rd Signal Detachment
APO 137 (Da Nang)

Here I am speaking to some Vietnamese children.

Look at all the coconuts.  (Circa: 1962)
ab Graphic courtesy of:  Ross M. Pierce, II

My dad, Ross M. Pierce was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, Viet Nam 1964-1965.

While going through some photos I came across this picture.

The back reads SSgt Ross Pierce, TSgt Mathison, A1C Spaulding.

This photograph was taken at Bldg 500, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam, message center, a picture taken in my office.

My dad is seated on the left of the picture. My mother dated the picture Jan 1965.
1 Graphic courtesy of:  Henry Allessio

Some of the living quarters at Tan Son Nhut.

The tents were very hot in the summer time.  (Circa: 1962)
2 Graphic courtesy of:  Henry Allessio

An office building is being constructed next to "Tent City."  (Circa: 1962)
3 Graphic courtesy of:  Henry Allessio

A road compactor working adjacent to "Tent City.  (Circa: 1962)
4 Graphic courtesy of:  Henry Allessio

A road construction crew, adjacent to "Tent City.  (Circa: 1962)
z1 Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley

The 70th Anniversary of "D-Day, 2014."

The saluting boy, age 11, on Omaha Beach, Normandy France. Click below:

z2Graphic courtesy of:  Charles Penley

The saluting boy on Omaha Beach, Normandy France.

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